Nationwide Loft Conversion & Loft Storage Solutions

Ecoloft are a nationwide loft conversion specialist.  Whether you need to convert your unused loft into a usable and simple loft storage space or turn it into a fully habitable space such as an office or a bedroom, Ecoloft are the perfect choice! We convert un-used lofts into practical and beautifully finished loft storage rooms, loft offices and hobby rooms.

As industry leaders in our field we apply our knowledge and cutting-edge software to provide comprehensive online quotations using our Loft Conversion Calculator. Alternatively, why not contact us on 0845 017 6057 to discuss your requirements and we’ll give you a more accurate estimate using our home measurement software.

Everything we do here at Ecoloft has been created to provide an outstanding service for our customers at every touchpoint. We have packages which are easy to understand and a loft conversion calculator that provides a quotation in seconds, all of which allows us to convert your un-used loft into practical and beautifully finished loft storage rooms, loft offices, hobby rooms or bedrooms.

We are a family run business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and we guarantee to offer some of the cheapest loft conversion prices in the UK.

Nothing is more important than your satisfaction, so why not join one of our 5,000 extremely satisfied customers and call us today on 0845 017 6057 and let us create the loft space you’ve dreamt of.

The Eco Loft Conversion Guarantee

For complete piece of mind, all components of our loft storage spaces and loft conversions are backed by a 10-year installation warranty. Any industry leading 3rd party products we use e.g. Velux Windows come with their own guarantee.

When all work is completed, you’ll receive a warranty certificate detailing what’s covered and for how long, just for that extra piece of mind.

Whether you are going to install one of our storage spaces with loft boarding, or go that extra mile to create a full loft conversion, hobby room or office space, we will work with you to get the right package. You can feel confident that our range of conversion packages and storage solutions will overcome and deliver the most challenging of projects.

If that’s not enough, we will also facilitate and apply for building control certification when it’s required just to give you that further peace of mind.

Although we provide very cheap loft conversions and have never left a customer less than extremely happy with our work, we intend on keeping it that way! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and we pride ourselves on our unrivalled reputation.

Our prices may be some of the cheapest in the UK but we have never left a customer less than extremely happy with our work and we intend to keep it that way! Word of mouth and your personal recommendation is our best form of advertising and we pride ourselves on our unrivalled reputation.

Check out our 4 main Loft Conversion & Loft Storage Packages:

The Deluxe Loft Storage Space

Our deluxe loft storage package is the most popular package available at Ecoloft. We have transformed un-usable lofts into some of the most amazing and useable spaces.

Each project is slightly different, but we always ensure your new loft space has been converted properly and in line with UK regulations for a non-habitable loft storage space.

This means because a fixed staircase is not attached, it cannot be used or sold as bedroom, but provides a great solution for your unused loft space. The finished product is to an extremely high standard with warm storage cupboards in the eaves, architrave around your new loft hatch, a double socket, lights, insulation in the rafter cord and eave spaces, and a full plasterboard finish.

If you require a habitable loft conversion space e.g. an office, hobby room or an extra bedroom please see our HABITABLE PACKAGE.

The Eco Loft Package

The eco loft package is a solid independent floor system with double insulated cavity walls. We also insulate the rear of the roof tiles with Kingspan board to create a warm loft space.

This means your stored goods are not left to the elements and extreme heat in summer but kept at room temperature. This also provides a clean storage room as all joints are taped with foil tape.

Lined Loft Storage Package

The lined loft storage package transforms your loft into a bright, clean and dust free loft storage room. The rear of the tiles and roofing areas are lined with dust-proof, light and breathable visqueen liner. This keeps your possessions dirt and damp free. The lined loft storage package comes complete with solid loft flooring, loft ladders and electrics.

Standard Loft Storage Package

Turn your loft space into a functional loft storage room with the standard loft storage package, complete with foldaway loft ladders, flooring and electrics. Organise your possessions with our loft storage boxes and sticker kits.