Bespoke Storage

Ecoloft are bespoke loft storage room specialists, transforming your loft into a safe, practical storage space or hobby room. You name it we have built it; having created everything from custom in wall pc houses cinema rooms, loft wardrobes, custom shelving and modelling rooms and layouts.

Creating you your perfect space

Every project we do is slightly different and we cater to all our clients needs always going that extra mile to make your new space perfect for your requirements. We have built cinemas, “walk up” wardrobes, sewing rooms, prayer rooms, modeling rooms, and even a observatory. As we are a nationwide company we communicate first through email and telephone then we come to meet you and survey your home. All this is free until you commit and even then no money is exchanged until completion and certified.

DELUXE Loft Conversion Calculator

To calculate the cost of converting your loft into useful storage or living space just fill in the quick quote form below... if you enter your email address we will automatically email you a copy of the quote for your records.

Contact Us or Make an Appointment

If you would like further information regarding any of the services we offer, or to arrange a no obligation appointment. Alternatively if you would like us to make contact with you, please complete and submit the enquiry form below.

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or call on 0845 017 6057


Was impressed by the reviews, the quote, the confidence that they could sort out our dirty horrible loft in a day (lined package) and couldn’t help but think ‘If something seems too good to be true it usually is’! Well they left earlier today and we’re delighted by the work Ecoloft have done. Great job guys – thanks very much!


If you want to hear what genuine people have to say about ecolofts. Please go to our Facebook Page where you can chat to real customers and get genuine feedback.

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