Loft Ladders

Wooden Loft Ladder Leeds

The FAKRO Staircase is a 3- part folding ladder. Its design and materials used guarantee easy, comfortable and safe access to the loft. The fixing system enables the ladder to be installed quickly by two of our operatives, and also enables easy ladder height adjustment.

How do loft ladders work?

A 36 mm thick insulated hatch door is installed with all Ecoloft ladders. The hatch door is a pine wood frame, finished on each side with a white or beige HDF panel.

The loft ladder is fastened with angle brackets that enable it to be positioned and fixed precisely. The unique opening mechanism is designed in such a way that it does not hinder your access to the loft. The adjustable opening door spring mechanism is adjustable to suit personal preference.

 Loft ladders, hatches and maintaining insulation

All the loft ladders’ hatch doors are fully edge sealed with a sealing strip to minimise heat loss. Because we raise your floor to create a cavity for your insulation the staircase casing is left up to four inches short of your new floor.

To resolve this problem and leave your new hatch looking neat and tidy, we panel out the reveal with planed timber and fit mitred angle bead around the top which can also be used as a trap for any floor covering you wish to add at a later date.

Wooden Loft Ladders and FAKRO Staircases

Please ask one of our representatives for options of different products, including wooden loft ladders and aluminium staircases.

enable safe and easy access to loft spaces without the need for installing costly, space consuming staircases. Fakro Folding Ladders satisfy all safety requirements whilst maximising ease of use and comfort.

Fakro Loft Ladders require a little swing space for operation. When folded, the sections are concealed inside the Loft Space, maximising space in the room below.

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Was impressed by the reviews, the quote, the confidence that they could sort out our dirty horrible loft in a day (lined package) and couldn’t help but think ‘If something seems too good to be true it usually is’! Well they left earlier today and we’re delighted by the work Ecoloft have done. Great job guys – thanks very much!


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