How much will my Loft Conversion Cost?

Our average prices paid for loft conversions

The cost of a loft conversion can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your loft conversion company. We want you to make the right choice and to make this whole process simpler we offer transparent loft conversion costs alongside our online loft conversion cost calculator. By breaking down our loft conversions into packages we aim to encourage you to make the right choice based around your requirements and budget.

Why do we show our loft conversion prices?

Although most companies will never put there cards on the table when it comes to prices. But prices are important for budgeting and trust. With eco-loft you know what you are going to get with no hidden fees. We know how frustrating it can be to arrange for a contractor to visit your home for a quotation. Some contractors may – arrive late, too early or not at all. This can be a huge waste of your time – We like to keep customers happy, not waiting!

They say you should contact 3 companies for prices before accepting any quotes (which for the record we completely agree with and encourage), loft conversion prices are the same. Although 3 quotes will leave you having to wait around on 3 separate occasions before getting a single price we suggest using our real loft conversion cost calculator.

The real cost of a loft conversion

We have found a number of loft conversion companies have some kind of pricing structure in place. Which is great but experience tells us (and our long list of previous customers) that these companies provide prices which never reflect the quotations which are received. That is why we developed our loft conversion cost calculator, to give you the best possible loft conversion cost quotations available online. No sign up is required, just simple and easy loft conversion prices.

Our loft conversion prices:

If you don’t want to use our calculator – Our package prices are below. When space is needed these loft conversion prices are a cost effective loft storage solution.

our cheapest loft conversion image

Standard loft conversion cost

From £999
The cheapest loft conversions solution

lined loft conversions prices

Lined loft conversion cost

From £1,499

The Lined package will inspire and revive, Leaving your room clean and dust free. enjoy!

eco loft conversion cost

Eco loft conversion cost

From £1,999
A cost effective eco friendly energy saving loft lining package

loft conversion prices

The Habitable loft conversion cost

From £POA
A full loft conversion which can be used as a bedroom.

For a customised loft conversion quotation please use our online loft conversion cost calculator.

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