Some people might be put off receiving a quote for a loft conversion for a number of reasons but making the leap could increase your properties value, considerably increase space in your home and provide a luxury space for you to use however you like.

Use our online loft conversion cost calculator to receive a quotation in seconds. You don’t need to sign up, arrange a meeting or provide any contact details. We have made receiving a loft conversion quote online the easiest it’s ever been!

Step 1: Have you chosen your package yet?

Habitable Loft Conversion


Step 2: Measuring your loft area to be converted

If you know the size of your loft great, otherwise contact us – we can now check the size of your home remotely, meaning we no longer need to come to your home to measure in order to provide a quote, we can tell you the size over the phone.

Step 3: Choose a loft access

Although our loft conversion cost calculator doesn’t let you choose which variation of loft ladder available, you can decide whether you would like one by checking out our ladders page

Step 4: Choose your loft lighting

You can choose whether loft lighting will be required by visiting our loft lighting page

Step 5: Do you require a loft window?

No loft conversion would be complete without a loft window to take advantage of your new views from above. For more information on our range of velux windows see our roof windows page.

Step 6: Click instant quote – THATS IT!!

*You have the option of entering your email address but this is purely for the purpose of sending your quotation via email and will not be spammed in anyway.