Hobby Rooms

Ecoloft have created hundreds of model and hobby rooms projects. We have catered for all types of rooms over the years including cinema rooms, scayelectric, model rail layouts, model aeroplane and figurines, sewing and crafts and even a observatory!

Modern homes have trussed lofts of which we can and often remove by inserting steel beams to take the weight of the roof thus opening up the loft to its entire span. All of our work is regulated, inspected and certified through building control.

All of our installations are slightly different but are based on the deluxe package which includes fold down staircase, independant floor, full kingspan insulated and vented as well as velux windows and bespoke storage in the eaves.

We can build your dream room  including custom tables and lighting and electrics turning it into a small paradise away from the rest of the home giving peace and quiet.

We know how particular our modelling clients are and we make your space absolutely perfect for all those hours you put in.

Use our online loft conversion cost calculator HERE!

DELUXE Loft Conversion Calculator

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