Lined Package

Loft Lining From: £1499.00
  • Fakro deluxe fold down staircase
  • Hardwired double pendant & switch
  • Cross braced flooring network
  • Up to 20 sq. metres 18mm flooring
  • Visqueen loft lining keeping dust from roof tiles to maintain a bright & clean room.
  • Also includes beam vacuuming
  • Eave Vents
  • 1 x double gang socket

Here at ecoloft, we offer two different types of loft lining:

Ecoloft Membrane – Commonly used in older properties as a dust barrier, preventing rubble and debris falling for the rear of old back pointed roof tiles. EcoMembrane® is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene for use as a Type “A” damp proof membrane as defined by BS EN 13967: 2004. It is manufactured from 100% post-use waste, is white in colour and available in various thicknesses. It has been independently accredited by BRE Certification Ltd (Certificate Number 112/04).

Thermobar 344© loft lining – An insulating foil to line and partition your storage area. Thermobar 344© from Thermakraft Industries is a high strength insulation material consisting of a layer of highly burnished aluminium foil bonded with flame retardant adhesive to a white woven polymeric mesh. This unique double-sided foil deflects moisture while the white lining on the facing side reflects the available light for maximum visibility. Thermobar 344© is a tough, durable lining that is easily trimmed to size and can be stapled to trusses and studs for a neat, clean and dust-free finish.For this product add a extra £350

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