The access to your new space can be be either from a Fakro fold down staircase, the benefits of this means it be located anywhere not just on the landing. they are very easy to use with a weightless design and very comfortable underfoot.

We also build custom baulitrades and banisters and also drop lids.
Fixed staircase, we custom build and create all types of staircases in house to meet your requirements in many different materials. When you install a fixed staircase you are then creating a habitable room so must conform to park K and have the relevant fire doors and smoke alarms installed.

In tight spaces we can also make space saver or alternate traditional staircases enabling to build stairs where the horizontal measurement is as little as 1,5m. At Ecoloft we don’t sub-contact any part of the build, we design, plan and install all our own staircases seamlessly with minimum disruption to your home.