The Eco Loft

The Eco Loft From: £1995
  • Fakro fold down staircase
    and architrave
  • Cross braced floor
  • Up to 20 sq. metres 18mm flooring
  • New Knaut earthwool in floor cavity
  • Hardwired double pendants & switch
  • Fully Kingspan Insulated
    & taped joints
  • 1x double gang socket

The EcoLoft is a thermal storage system creating a warm storage pod inside the home. We also insulate the rear of the roof tiles (felt) with kingspan board to create a warm loft space. This means your stored goods are not left to the elements and extreme heat in summer but kept at room temperature. This also provides a clean storage room as all joints are taped with foil tape.

We also create a kicker beam around the edge of the floor so goods can be pushed right up with no risk of damaging the kingspan. We vent from the eaves around the perimeter so your loft space can breath. The finished look is superb and with lighting staircase and a double socket included its exceptional value for money.