The roof space of a house, unless somehow converted, serves little purpose other than to house the water tanks, suitcases and Christmas decorations. By heating the home the rising warm air is allowed to enter the roof space, if not insulated and ventilated correctly it would quickly escape and be wasted. Here at ecoloft we believe it’s only sensible that the loft is sufficiently insulated and ventilated to prevent this from happening and to save you, the customer valuable money on your bills.

Loft Ventilation

Considering that the loft is made up of roof timbers and ceiling joists, it is in fact a substantial timber structure that should be well maintained. Unfortunately, not many give due attention to its condition and when problems arise, they often go unseen for years, resulting in major structural problems that would be costly to put right. Ecoloft can prevent this happening, for very little cost.

Reducing Damp in your Loft Space

Other than roof leaks, condensation in the roof space can lead to major problems if left unchecked, resulting in timber members of the roof becoming damp, which could over time cause rot or infestation. Though not an area usually associated with condensation, the roof space, given the right conditions is in fact one of the most likely areas in the home for it to exist. Moisture in the air is more prone to condensate in a cold unventilated area such as the loft.

Ecoloft can help to prevent unwanted moisture in your loft

Though it is not possible to completely eliminate moisture produced within the home from entering the loft area, Ecoloft can help you prevent it. Another problem area could be the bathroom or shower room ceiling, where sunken ceiling light fittings have been fitted, such fittings can allow a route for a substantial amount of moisture to enter the loft space. Despite forming a good seal between the loft and living areas, it should not be forgotten that all air contains moisture, so the loft area should always be well ventilated, either by means of soffit vents, air bricks or vented roof tiles. In fact the regulations now state that; all new property should have a form of ventilation installed on both sides of the roof.

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Was impressed by the reviews, the quote, the confidence that they could sort out our dirty horrible loft in a day (lined package) and couldn’t help but think ‘If something seems too good to be true it usually is’! Well they left earlier today and we’re delighted by the work Ecoloft have done. Great job guys – thanks very much!


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