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Full steam ahead for model rail layouts

Model railway Loft conversions for enthusiasts

This year Ecoloft have transformed many lofts into model rail layout rooms. As always ecoloft rooms are accessed by a fold away staircase which our customers prefer due to their very cheap installation Leaf cost and the fact that a fold away ladder makes shutting out everything else so much easier.

Ecoloft can provide a solution for your beautiful model railway layout. We can create layouts in your loft to plans or leave you a blank canvas to go crazy. Leaving you with the space to enjoy in the safety and peace of your own home.

We have been lucky enough to work for some high profile clients making these dream rooms into a reality creating fantastic tables with custom lighting and power for the model towns. With storage for tools and railway modelling materials underneath leaving you with the layout of a lifetime!

Our railway modelling clients are understandably very particular so we carefully plan the project to keep the clients specifications throughout.

Planning your model railway loft conversion

Model railway loft conversions can be very cost effective. Some clients can have there model railways created from just £750 in our standard loft conversion package.

Please see our examples and pricing for model rail layout rooms.

Loft Conversion Leeds

Ecoloft loft conversions specialise in maximising your unused loft space and turning them into beautiful lofty storage and habitable spaces. The majority of homes leave their loft areas completely un-used which is a real shame because we all know how important space is. Having more of it can never be a bad thing, right?

That’s why we are on the lookout for our next loft conversion in Leeds

With a host of different loft conversion packages to choose from, you can be sure to find a solution to your loft conversion needs with one of our amazing habitable loft conversion packages or loft storage packages.

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have completed many loft conversions in Leeds and surrounding areas. If you aren’t in Leeds don’t worry because we provide loft conversions throughout the nation.

With lots on loft conversions in leeds under our belt, you can trust Ecoloft to get the job done!

Here are some quick case studies and examples of our loft conversions over the years:

Mr and Mrs Prichard were searching for “loft conversion Leeds” and found a number of contractors who came and provided a quotation. Numerous quotes later, Mr and Mrs Prichard found Ecoloft and were “impressed beyond expectations” with the quote they received for their loft conversion.

The property had a truss loft support which many modern homes have. These types of loft conversion are notoriously
complex to convert which most contractors would shy away from – Not Ecoloft! We embrace a good challenge and are
experts with this particular type of loft conversion.

We provided them with a ‘his and hers’ work space area with a fast turnaround, meaning they were able to have their loft conversion ready to work within 5 days!

Take a look at the finished article:

Office Workspace 1:

loft conversion leeds

Office Workspace 2:

loft conversion office in leeds

Bespoke storage solutions:

leeds loft storage

Standard Loft Conversion Package

Kieran from York opted for our STANDARD package to create a basic storage space in his 1950s semi-detached property. We cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into his 15 square metre loft area. We turned his unused loft into a great storage space in just one day, and ALL for just £1550 + VAT.

Lined Loft Conversion Package

Patricia from Bradford opted for our LINED package to create a clean and basic storage space in her1930’s 3 bedroomed terraced house. As standard, we cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into her 24 square metre loft area, covering the entire space with our Visqueen lining to create a clean, bright white storage area. We turned her unused loft into a great clean, lined storage space in just one day, and ALL for just £2040 + VAT.

The Eco Loft Conversion Package

Alan from Birmingham opted for our ECO package to create a warm, insulated storage space in his new detached property. After adding to his existing insulation, we installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into his 20 square metre loft area. We turned his unused loft into our ECO warm storage space in just 2 days, and ALL for just £2300 + VAT.

The Deluxe Loft Conversion Package

Alison from Crawley opted for our DELUXE package in her 1960s semi-detached property. We cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into her 30 square metre loft area. Alison used her space to store fabric for her clothing business, so we added a Velux window for added natural light. To maximise the eaves spaces, we installed 4 hand-crafted insulated cupboards. We turned her previously unused loft into a great DELUXE space in just five days, and ALL for just £6750 + VAT.

To receive a FREE quote for your loft conversion Leeds, call 0845 017 6057

How much will my Loft Conversion Cost?

Our average prices paid for loft conversions

The cost of a loft conversion can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your loft conversion company. We want you to make the right choice, and to make this whole process simpler we offer transparent loft conversion costs alongside our online loft loft conversion cost calculator.

By breaking down our loft conversions into packages we aim to encourage and support you to make the right choice based around your individual requirements and budget.

Why do we show our loft conversion prices?

Most companies will never put their cards on the table when it comes to price, but at Ecoloft we believe that being transparent and honest is essential for your budgeting and to build trust. Therefore with Ecoloft you know what you are going to get with no hidden fees!

Because we know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to arrange for a contractor to visit your home for a quotation. Some contractors may arrive late, too early or not at all. This can be a huge waste of your time and We like to keep customers happy, not waiting!

They say you should contact 3 companies for prices before accepting any quotes, and for the record we completely agree with, and encourage you to do this.

However, loft conversion prices are pretty much the same, so while you’re waiting for 3 quotes and having to wait around on 3 separate occasions before getting a single price, we suggest using our loft conversion cost calculator.

The real cost of a loft conversion

We have found many loft conversion companies that have a pricing structure in place which you cannot see, making it difficult to see how much a loft conversion will cost.

Experience tells us (and our long list of previous customers) that these companies provide final prices which never reflect the initial estimates or quotations which are received.

That is why we developed our loft conversion cost calculator, to give you the best possible loft conversion cost quotations available online.

No sign up is required, just simple and easy loft conversion prices that help you to find the package that best suits your budget.

Our loft conversion prices:

If you don’t want to use our calculator, some examples of our prices are below. When space is needed these
loft conversion prices are a cost-effective loft storage solution.

our cheapest loft conversion image

Standard loft conversion cost

From £999
The cheapest loft conversions solution

lined loft conversions prices

Lined loft conversion cost

From £1,499

The Lined package will inspire and revive, Leaving your room clean and dust free. enjoy!

eco loft conversion cost

Eco loft conversion cost

From £1,999
A cost effective eco friendly energy saving loft lining package

The deluxe loft conversion cost

From £4,999
A luxury loft space accessed by a retractable ladder.

loft conversion prices

The Habitable loft conversion cost

From £POA
A full loft conversion which can be used as a bedroom.

For a customised loft conversion quotation please use our online loft conversion cost calculator.

Top 10 Loft Conversion Ideas

Embarking on a mission as big as converting your loft space can be an epic task. We face people on a regular basis who either need more space, want to improve there home or just want a hobby room area just for themselves. A common problem we find is that our customers know why they need a loft conversion but don’t know which route to take to make sure there loft conversion ideas become reality.

That’s why we have outlined our top 10 loft conversion ideas for you to take a look at. Although some are extravagant, others can be created from as little as £750 from our basic loft conversion package. Other loft conversions can be completed with our deluxe loft conversion package which start from £4500 although equipment will not be provided. so read on and be inspired.

#1. Office loft conversion

First up on our list is the office loft conversion. This is one of the most popular choices because it crosses the border from being just an extra loft storage area, to a productive and worthwhile investment. If your office is used for business purposes you can also take a percentage from your monthly bills such as gas and electricity and count it towards your businesses expenses, yet again another reason to convert your loft area to for this home office idea.

Take a look at our indepth home office page to see how taking your work home with you really can be beneficial.

#2. Storage room

This may surprise you to be on the list but our basic loft conversion is also a very popular package. Because our hoarding really has mounted up other the years, customers are turning to there lofts to either clear out there junk “out of sight, out of mind” and some to simply add to the hoard. Either way our basic loft conversion package is popular because it is cheap and effective. We have found on numerous forums online when asked “how much does a loft conversion cost“, the usual reply is in excess of £10,000! the shock comes when we tell them it can be done from as little as £750. Take a look at this package here.

#3. Home cinema room

A home cinema sounds like any movie buffs fantasy. Theres something very different between watching a film in your living room and watching a film in your newly converted loft cinema room. Something almost ‘den like’ which must go back to our childhood. We have seen the loft cinema room done a number of ways from authentic vintage cinema seating, retro armchairs to ginormous beanbags for seating in comfort and style. I particularly would opt for the bean bags – simply because the harder it is for me to get up, the longer i’ll be there.

#4. Gym room

If health and fitness is your main concern, and lets Design face it, why shouldn’t it be? Then a simple home gym studio could be a great choice. If you currently find that you pay for an expensive gym membership at the moment you could find that a loft conversion in your own could could be a fairly cost effective alternative. See our price guide to show you why you could be just as financially secure with a loft conversion as opposed to without.

#5. Games room

Is your inner child getting excited about the thought of your very own games room, arcade even? We have games room loft conversions from many people which include complex scalextric tracks throughout their loft on multiple tiers. A games room can include anything from your childhood arcade games such as pac-man or full size pool tables.

#6. Children’s play area

A self contained area for the kids to play in could be just what you need. This usual process which occurs when your new arrival is due would be to either move house to accommodate or extend your existing home. Home extensions are expensive – Very expensive. Especially when compared to using the space you have most likely been ignoring for years.

#7. Prayer room or Chapel

We have been tasked to complete prayer room loft conversions for a number of customers. These rooms are very basic and can sometimes be completed with our basic loft conversion packages starting from just £750.

#8. Reading area

Create your own area of solitude. We can create bespoke storage solutions for book cases and shelving to make your perfect relaxation area. Curl up on your sofa and become fully engaged in your favourite book in complete peace.

#9. Walk in wardrobe

Ever fancied your own walk in wardrobe? ever wanted your own vanity area to get ready for a special event or night? Imagine showing your friends your very own wardrobe loft conversion. I’m sure you would have every woman’s envy with this loft conversion.

#10. Loft music studio

You could create your very own loft music studio. If you have your sights on becoming a star or just want to express yourself through your passion of music, having your own studio could make all the difference in your music career.

Whatever your loft conversion idea may be, from lighting and decoration to storage and workspaces, EcoLoft aim to build your dream loft conversion for a fraction of the price of other alternatives.

How to make your loft office conversion pay for itself

Ever wanted to work from your own home?

If you work in a mobile capacity or would like to someday, read our article which aims to provide a little insight into the growing trend of working from home.

Working from home has increased in popularity and so has the demand of freelancers and mobile workers. If you could work from home but have put it off because of finances or just don’t want to bring work home with you. We believe we have the solution.

A loft office conversion which is completely out of sight and out of mind once you finish your work day. Fakro fold away stair cases are used which because they aren’t permanent will be folded away leaving your loft office hidden. This causes us to completely “shut out” work enabling a much easier work / life environment.

You may be thinking that a Loft conversion sounds like the best alternative but unsure where the money will come to finance this? Prices start from just £4500 and we provide an online loft conversion cost calculator to help you decide. EcoLoft believe our loft offices could pay for themselves once you take into account your current expenditure and factor in taxable assets.

Here’s a fictional case study

Read our completely made up case study of Ben to get a better picture:

Ben is a freelancer, he rents an office which is an average of 45 minutes commute from his home and has lunch in the centre each day. Ben pays £400 for the office he rents each month and charges £25/hr which he has been doing for years.

He knows that he can work from home and decides to research how he can achieve this effectively without merging his home life with his work which most would consider (myself included) very important.

Ben finds that he can convert his existing loft space into a loft office. After discovering our great website he finds that he can have his loft converted to a loft office from as little as £4500 and starts crunching some numbers.

He can afford the conversion and wants to justify his spend, so he breaks down his current expenditure for working at his office. This is broken down as follows:

Monthly outgoings whilst working at an external office

Office rent = £400 per month
£4 each day travel x 21 days work average = £84 per month
Lunch in centre £4 each day = £84 per month
16hrs lost revenue from commuting = £400

That’s a saving of £968 per month

Monthly outgoings working at home

To afford the loft office ben gets a loan for £5000. The loan which is at 8% equates to £5,827.70 over the course of 4 years which equals £121.41 per month.

Ben is now £847 better off each month!

So that is absolutely amazing and he couldn’t be happier but after Ben’s loft conversion he wonders if his new loft office has increased his homes value. He has a number of valuations and was astounded to find that his £4500 investment has increased his homes value. His investment of £4500 has not only added £4500 to his home but it has doubled – adding £9000!

Okay, this figure may be fictional but based on recent surveys such as one outlined in the guardian has documented properties adding in surplus of £20,000 to there home from a £10,000 loft conversion investment.

Take a look at the article here.

Also to further save money many may not realise that if they decide to work from home in any capacity when completing self assessment they can deduct certain expenses against there household bills!

This includes electricity, water, mortgage etc. Calculations can be made online using websites such as this website.

So i’m sure you will agree there really is no reason not to convert your loft into a useable, modern loft office and it really can pay for itself. To find out more about our prices of loft conversions check out our loft conversion cost page. Prices are transparent and honest just like us.

Awesome man cave ideas for your loft

When it comes to man caves, nothing quite compares to a loft man cave. Why? We really don’t know!! Perhaps it’s the seclusion your loft has from the rest of the home, maybe it’s the sloping ceiling which can give a more den like feel? Or maybe we all just want to be abit more like batman and live in a cave – in our roof.

Whatever your reasons are for considering creating your own man cave, here are a couple of ideas which should hopefully make your “ludicrous” man cave idea a little more justifiable when persuading your other half.

Take a look at our Man cave ideas:

Go to the cinema, in your loft!

First off on our list is the beloved loft cinema room. For all of us movie lovers the first thing we think about when converting that old loft is to put a ridiculously large Television in there. Now squeeze in your large sofa/cinema chairs, surround sound speakers, mini-fridge, maybe a popcorn machine and your at the movies!!

Pac-man, Pool, foosball?

When thinking of man cave ideas, no man cave can be quite complete without your very own games room. Choose to put in what you like, from a pool table to a full size snooker table. Games machines to ping pong. Let your inner child go crazy.

How about a home bar?

Don’t ask why this isn’t number 1. Gone are the days of overpriced alcohol and taxi fares. Your very own bar, where nobody can kick you out! like I need to sell that to you. Who wouldn’t love to be like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. This really is a fantastic idea and an excuse to invite friends over to test some of your concoctions.

Loft music studio

Rock out in your own music studio. Whether you want to be the next big thing or just have a passion for music it makes sense to make this your top idea for a man cave. Who needs a desk – Buy yourself the largest bean bag imaginable, relax and enjoy. Bliss precio de la viagra en farmacias.

Loft jacuzzi or hottub

Ever come home from work and never seem to really shut off and unwind? Even the most masculine of men know that feeling right? Finding your own work/life balance can be hard. So most (myself included) would put on a hot bath to chill out. If you have kids or other commitments this just doesn’t cut the mustard. Your very own Hot tub/jacuzzi in your loft could be your answer. Come home from work to completely unwind – nobody can reach you, nobody can touch you or bug you, shut your loft hatch, throw away the key!!

Ever wanted a miniature town train set?

Some people have converted there loft to devote the entire space to a scalextric track or train towns! How cool is that! Other than scalextric there are numerous other hobby room ideas for you to enjoy. All the rage for our 70-80 kids.

We have converted hundreds of lofts and many of the themes above. You’ll be surprised to hear that our loft conversion packages start from just £4500. See our deluxe loft conversion for further details on this package.

Create your own loft cinema room

Convert your loft into a loft cinema room

We have in the past noticed the demand and desire for a cinema room but most of these dreams are put off due to not having enough space. So the best alternative we believe is to convert your loft area. Most lofts can be converted nowadays, even the new trussed lofts can be converted with the correct procedures in place.

So how much will a loft cinema room cost me?

Well we provide a blank canvas – that meaning we convert your loft and supply electricity, ladder access, flooring, insulation and storage from as little as £4500! Any requirements such as electricity behind walls for tv mounting will be adhered to. We have talented joiners here at ecoloft and can help with any specific requirements you may have. Projectors and large Televisions are so affordable nowadays so this may only add around £1000 to your total budget.

Contact us first for your loft cinema room quotations

We have been one of the most competitive loft conversion companies for years now and wouldn’t want you to lose money from not requesting a free quotation from us. So call 0845 017 6057 for a quote today or receive our FREE online calculation below.

Loft Storage ideas

Loft Storage Ideas to inspire your loft conversion

If you are on the lookout for loft storage ideas our brief article may provide enough inspiration for you to take away. When it comes to converting your loft area for storage space it is important to use plan for each space to be used practically to maximise every storage opportunity.

Ecoloft have been creating amazing spaces for homeowners for years. We have created built in cupboards, full loft boarding, walk in wardrobes, built in shelves and much more to maximise the space you have. Our loft storage prices start from as little as £499.

Storage space created for Mr and Mrs Pritchard in Pudsey

They wanted space which wouldn’t impact the look and feel of their loft storage room alongside somewhere to store clutter. We found that by adding unique built in shelving units to the end of a narrow loft area would optimise space and actually ad to the aesthetics of the room. We and Mr and Mrs Pritchard are very happy with the results.

Cupboards created in eaves of loft conversion

Usually this space would again be ignored but these cupboards which are built in to the eaves of this loft storage room have maximised the storage space whilst adding to the room. We can utilise every inch of the space in your loft, if you have creative ideas, we have the skills to achieve your dream loft conversion.

Built in shelves for minimalist loft conversion.

Here we created built in shelves in an otherwise unusable space. The homeowner and ecoloft sat down and discussed their loft storage ideas and worked with them to create a simple storage solution which wouldn’t hide possessions whilst still creating a clutter free room.

One of our very first loft storage rooms created in Manchester

Although the above image is one of our popular lined packages, We regularly create loft storage rooms which are created around your own loft storage ideas. By using our service you can significantly increase the storage space in your home for a fraction of the price when compared with loft extensions and home extensions.

Whatever your loft storage ideas may be – We can help you decide which of our packages best suites your needs. Our team are highly skilled. You will be provided with honest advice as to the packages which best suit your needs. Lets not forget our loft conversion cost calculator too to get a free quotation online in seconds!

Model railway loft conversion

It may surprise you that model railway loft conversions are our most popular hobby room conversion. We have converted over 40 loft spaces which are now being used for as a home for their model railway track.

How much will a loft conversion cost for my new model railway?

Well the great thing about converting your loft into a model rail town is that any of our packages would actually still be suitable. We would advise that a correctly fitted electricity and lighting supply be installed with your package. Both of which can be included in our quotation calculator below. So you could have your model railway loft conversion from as little as £999 by purchasing our standard loft conversion package.

take a look at our model railway loft conversion examples

We can create a blank canvas for the installation of your model rail set or can help you with the integration. If you would need help with integration this will not be covered in our quotation form but a free quotation in person can be quickly arranged.

Contact Ecoloft below to speak with our experienced team about your dream model railway loft conversion. Use our online loft conversion cost calculator HERE!

loft conversion Bradford

For affordable loft conversions in Bradford, contact Ecolofts. We specialise in low cost, affordable loft conversions which can really help increase the value of your home.

We have completed lots of Loft conversions in Bradford

We have created a number of packages to suit a number of budgets. Because we know not everybody’s loft conversion needs are the same. We have customers who just require some extra storage space to store old possessions or seasonal items. We have customers who want deluxe loft conversions which are to spec and bespoke packages to create a games room, cinema room or prayer room.

Don’t just take our word for it

Take Mr Hayat who required a loft conversion in Bradford for instance. He needed a loft conversion to suit his needs of working from home. We created a fully useable loft office with bespoke storage ideas implemented.

Contact us for a free quotation or receive an instant free quote online in seconds