From £15,000.00
  • Bespoke Fitted Staircase
  • Hung Floor to Structural Calculations
  • Fully Kingspan Insulated & Vented
  • Velux® Windows
  • Warm Storage Cupboards in Eaves
  • Fully Plaster Boarded & Skimmed to perfection
  • Downlights & Flush Face Sockets (many finishes call to discuss)
  • Skirting Board & Architrave
  • Building Control Certificate and guarantee
  • Banister around opening

Ever wanted to work from your own home?

If you work in a mobile capacity or would like to someday, read our article which aims to provide a little insight into the growing trend of working from home.

Working from home has increased in popularity and so has the demand of freelancers and mobile workers. If you could work from home but have put it off because of finances or just don’t want to bring work home with you. We believe we have the solution.

If you come to sell your home, this loft conversion is built to habitable regulations and registered with building control therefore can be used as extra bedroom increasing the value of your home.

A loft office conversion which is completely out of sight and out of mind once you finish your work day. This causes us to completely “shut out” work enabling a much easier work / life environment.

You may be thinking that a Loft conversion sounds like the best alternative but unsure where the money will come to finance this? Prices start from just £15,000 and we provide an online loft conversion cost calculator to help you decide. EcoLoft believe our loft offices could pay for themselves once you take into account your current expenditure and factor in taxable assets.

Here’s a fictional case study

Read our completely made up case study of Ben to get a better picture:

Ben is a freelancer, he rents an office which is an average of 45 minutes commute from his home and has lunch in the centre each day. Ben pays £400 for the office he rents each month and charges £25/hr which he has been doing for years.

He knows that he can work from home and decides to research how he can achieve this effectively without merging his home life with his work which most would consider (myself included) very important.

Ben finds that he can convert his existing loft space into a loft office. After discovering our great website he finds that he can have his loft converted to a loft office from as little as £15,000 and starts crunching some numbers.

He can afford the conversion and wants to justify his spend, so he breaks down his current expenditure for working at his office. This is broken down as follows:

Monthly outgoings whilst working at an external office

Office rent = £400 per month
£4 each day travel x 21 days work average = £84 per month
Lunch in centre £4 each day = £84 per month
16hrs lost revenue from commuting = £400

That’s a saving of £968 per month

Monthly outgoings working at home

To afford the loft office ben gets a loan for £5000. The loan which is at 8% equates to £5,827.70 over the course of 4 years which equals £121.41 per month.

Ben is now £847 better off each month!

So that is absolutely amazing and he couldn’t be happier but after Ben’s loft conversion he wonders if his new loft office has increased his homes value. He has a number of valuations and was astounded to find that his £15,000 investment has increased his homes value. His investment of £15,000 has then added value to his home!

Okay, this figure may be fictional but based on recent surveys such as one outlined in the guardian has documented properties adding in surplus of £20,000 to there home from a £10,000 loft conversion investment.