Lined Package

Our LINED loft conversion to create a storage space is specifically designed for those customers who want their loft space to feel clean and bright.

The expertly applied Visqueen liner stops those unwanted bits of dust and dirt falling from your roof rafters which means that when you want to take something out of your loft storage space, it will be as clean as when you placed it there.

When it’s clean extra storage space you need, our LINED package is a fantastic and quick way to achieve a usable loft storage solution.

Patricia from Bradford opted for our LINED package to create a clean and basic storage space in her1930’s 3 bedroomed terraced house. As standard, we cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into her 24 square metre loft area, covering the entire space with our Visqueen lining to create a clean, bright white storage area. We turned her unused loft into a great clean, lined storage space in just one day, and ALL for just £2040 + VAT.

So what’s included?

Every one of our LINED loft conversion storage spaces comes with the following: –

  • Tented walls to protect the floor area of your landing and high traffic areas up to your loft.
  • Re-braced and strengthened loft hatch to accept a new deluxe wooden fold down Fakro ladder.
  • Removal and disposal of old and redundant insulation.
  • Architraved and mitred angle bead around your new loft hatch.
  • Caulk the surrounding hatch area and make good ready for paint (painting not included).
  • Supply and fit of a new flooring network.
  • Supply and fit of contract tongued and grooved chipboard flooring
  • Supply and fit loft lighting circuit, consisting of 1 switch and 1 pendant light.
  • Supply and fit Knauf earthwool insulation to the entire flooring network.
  • Supply and install visqueen membrane to rear of roof spas, taping joints and making good. (Brickwork can be studded and covered at extra cost for finished look).

At Ecoloft, we offer two different types of loft lining:

Ecoloft Membrane

Commonly used in older properties as a dust barrier, preventing rubble and debris falling for the rear of old back pointed roof tiles. EcoMembrane® is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene for use as a Type “A” damp proof membrane as defined by BS EN 13967: 2004. It is manufactured from 100% post-use waste, is white in colour and available in various thicknesses. It has been independently accredited by BRE Certification Ltd (Certificate Number 112/04).

Thermobar 344© loft lining

An insulating foil to line and partition your storage area. Thermobar 344© from Thermakraft Industries is a high strength insulation material consisting of a layer of highly burnished aluminium foil bonded with flame retardant adhesive to a white woven polymeric mesh. This unique double-sided foil deflects moisture while the white lining on the facing side reflects the available light for maximum visibility. Thermobar 344© is a tough, durable lining that is easily trimmed to size and can be stapled to trusses and studs for a neat, clean and dust-free finish. For this product add an extra £350.

What do our customers think?

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At Ecoloft, we take pride in the quality of service and products we provide. Every job means more to us than just screwing in a loft ladder! We want you to have a storage space that will last you a lifetime.

We never leave a project un-vented, so you can rest assured knowing your new loft storage space will be condensation and damp free.

To get a more accurate cost for converting your loft, please use our cost calculator below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0333 323 2284.