Loft Storage

Loft Storage Room

Loft Storage Room

Finding storage space in your home, a special place to relax, or dedicating a room to do your favourite pastime can be difficult. At Ecoloft we have the solution.

We have a range of packages available that can transform your unusable loft space into a spacious, practical loft storage room.

We excel in maximising your home’s storage potential. Whether you are looking for a basic loft conversion, bespoke storage space or a hobby room, we have designed and produced some amazing projects, including chill out rooms, cinemas and loft offices.

Depending on your requirements, we have a range of loft conversion packages, including the standard package for a standard loft storage room, and the deluxe package, for those customers who want that extra feel of quality.

Others choose to transform their loft or attic into a hobby room, loft office or chill out room.

Bespoke Storage Loft Storage Room

Ecoloft are bespoke loft storage room specialists, transforming your loft into a safe, practical storage space or loft rooms. You name it we have built it; having created everything from custom walk-in wardrobes, shelving and modelling rooms and layouts.

Creating you your perfect loft space

Every loft storage room we produce is slightly different, catering to all our client’s needs and going that extra mile to make your new loft space perfect for your requirements.

As we are a nationwide company, we communicate first through email and telephone then we come to meet you and survey your home. All this is free until you commit and even then, no money is exchanged until the loft storage room is complete and certified. We have recently completed loft storage room projects in Leeds, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Brighton and even Dover!

No job is too big or small at Ecoloft and our sterling reputation for incredibly high-quality work is unrivalled in the industry.

Once we have completed the joinery and insulation aspects to your loft storage room, the next stage is to install a loft lining.

This is an optional extra, but we feel that it is well worth considering as there are many benefits to this including; damp proofing, making the room feel and appear more complete and further reducing heating bills.  It is also of particular benefit to older properties where roof tiles have been back pointed, preventing rubble from falling onto your stored possessions.

We also provide our cost effective loft lining conversion package from just £950

Ecoloft offer three different types of loft linings:

  • Ecoloft Membrane– Commonly used in older properties as a dust barrier, preventing rubble and debris falling from the rear of old back pointed roof tiles. EcoMembrane® is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene for use as a Type “A” damp proof membrane as defined by BS EN 13967: 2004. It is manufactured from 100% post-use waste, is white in colour and available in various thicknesses. It has been independently accredited by BRE Certification Ltd (Certificate Number 112/04).
  • Thermobar 344©– An insulating foil to line and partition your loft. Thermobar 344© from Thermakraft Industries is a high strength insulation material consisting of a layer of highly burnished aluminium foil bonded with flame retardant adhesive to a white woven polymeric mesh. This unique double-sided foil deflects moisture while the white lining on the facing side reflects the available light for maximum visibility. Thermobar 344© is a tough, durable lining that is easily trimmed to size and can be stapled to trusses and studs for a neat, clean and dust-free finish.
  • British Gypsum Plasterboard– Mainly used when creating Deluxe Storage Packages, British Gypsum plasterboards are cut to size then screwed to the roof spas using plasterboard screws and ‘dot and dabbed’ using plasterboard adhesive to any brickwork such as gable ends. Please see ‘Deluxe Storage’ for more information.

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