Truss Removal & Structural Alterations

Trussed lofts are a modern roof design that utilise a frame made up of triangles to support the roof where there is no wall to support the weight.

Many of our clients are surprised how easy it is to remove trusses from their property.  Step one involves a site visit from our structural engineer to work out the load calculations.  We’ll then insert sturdy steel beams through newly created post holes, that suit on pad stones in your partitioning or gable walls to spread the load of the roof evenly

Truss lofts and any structural installations are daily duties of Ecoloft, so we have our own scaffolding, low loaders, hoists and have nationwide access to heavy lifting and crane facilities through our network.

Truss lofts are a fast, cheap alternative to a traditional loft, however, the space in the middle of your loft is often compromised by many upright and diagonal beams.  This makes using the space impossible for anything other than light storage.

Roof lesson aside, these types of lofts are normally considered a ‘difficult’ job by many loft specialists and a great deal simply walk away! Well not here at Ecoloft, we’re made of sterner stuff in Yorkshire and we embrace a good challenge.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve that offer you a couple of options without ever impacting on the structural integrity of your roof.  

We can either board around the trusses to open the space and use the middle area of your loft by boarding off the rest, or alternatively, we can create some very handy extra shelving in the ‘v’ of the truss.

Each project is slightly different but as a rule, our installations are registered and inspected by building control who make sure your loft has been converted properly to regulations even for a non-habitable loft conversion. If you require a habitable bedroom loft conversion, please see our HABITABLE PACKAGE.

This means because a fixed staircase is not attached, it cannot be used or sold as bedroom, but provides a solution for unused loft space. It also benefits clients that don’t wish to sacrifice a bedroom in which to fit a fixed staircase, but where extra space is needed.

The finished product is to an extremely high standard with warm storage cupboards in the eaves, skirting board and architrave, including full electrics, ready for paint.