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At Ecoloft our ethos is simple “Treat your home as if it’s our own!”

Over the years Ecoloft has done thousands of conversions, and through this experience we have developed an unrivalled approach to keeping your home as we found it.

A loft area is usually the dirtiest, dustiest and draughtiest place imaginable, sometimes with hundreds of years of soot, cobwebs, insects and many of the home owners old rubbish, not to mention years of old insulation.

This type of job is not for the faint hearted and is NOT FOR ANYONE inexperienced or the budding DIY enthusiast as it could easily result in you having to redecorate and re-carpet your whole house!

There is also a real danger of ceilings collapsing, not to mention it being completely unsafe to walk around on old joists.

Fear not!  Ecoloft are experts at keeping your home spotless and take great care in protecting your dwelling.

We cover all the walls in self-adhesive low tack polyethene (so it’s like a crime scene on CSI!) then cover the floor in industrial painter’s grade floor covings from the entrance right up to where we are working.

We cover the banisters with protective foam and use a stair rod system to lock the stair sheets in place.  These methods are doubled up for the rip out and removal of the top layer of your existing insulation and when it’s complete when the rip out is complete leaving a fresh covering for us to work on.

You don’t get this service with anyone else and having done thousands of loft storage projects we’re confident we are the UK’s number 1 for good reason.

If you love your home, we will too! Your loft is part of your home too so it’s time to get Ecoloft in and #LOVEYOURLOFT

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