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SolarVenti is a solar powered positive input ventilation and dehumidification system that delivers fresh air into your home helping to create healthier living. It does this by improving the air quality and minimising moisture, odours, mould and radon gas.

How does it work?

The SolarVenti system works via the sun’s rays which start the fan working behind the solar panel. Fresh air is drawn in through small holes in the perforated back plate.

This air circulates inside the collector which is heated by the sun and then blown in the home. Any humid air is expelled via a built-in valve.

What are the benefits?

  • Using solar energy for consistent ventilation
  • A healthier indoor climate
  • Reduction in moisture, fungus, mould and odours
  • Zero running costs
  • Maintenance-free
For more information about how your loft and home can benefit from SolarVenti get in touch with one of the team here or or call us on 0333 323 2284 or email info@eco-lofts.co.uk.

Technical Specs

There are several options when it comes to the installation of SolarVenti panels. We can fit anything from SV14 Air – Up to 80m² right through to SV30 Air – Up to 150m². To make sure you fit the right size for your loft speak to one of the Ecoloft team.

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