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Trussed Lofts

Trussed lofts are a fairly modern roof design that utilise a frame made up triangles to support the roof where there is no wall to support the weight.

Roof lesson aside, these types of lofts are normally considered a ‘difficult’ job by many loft specialists and a great deal simply walk away! Well not here at ecoloft, we’re made of sterner stuff in yorkshire and we embrace a good challenge.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve that offer you a couple of options without ever impacting on the structural integrity of your roof.

We can either board around the trusses to open up the space, just use the middle area by boarding off the rest of the loft or lastly we can create some very handy extra shelving in the ‘v’ of the truss.

Alternatively we may suggest that you speak to our sister company ecoTrus LTD who have developed a revolutionary system to transform your loft space.

For more information visit ecotrus.com.

Technical Specs

The EcoTrus system is a revolutionary new design that uses the front and rear property walls rather than the party walls or gables. This system allows your loft and attic space to be maximised without the need for heavy RSJS. For more information about trussed lofts visit – www.ecotrus.com

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