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October 23, 2017


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Full Steam Ahead For Model Rail Layouts

Model railway Loft conversions for enthusiasts

This year Ecoloft have transformed many lofts into model rail layout rooms. As always ecoloft rooms are accessed by a fold away staircase which our customers prefer due to their very cheap installation Leaf cost and the fact that a fold away ladder makes shutting out everything else so much easier.

Ecoloft can provide a solution for your beautiful model railway layout. We can create layouts in your loft to plans or leave you a blank canvas to go crazy. Leaving you with the space to enjoy in the safety and peace of your own home.

We have been lucky enough to work for some high profile clients making these dream rooms into a reality creating fantastic tables with custom lighting and power for the model towns. With storage for tools and railway modelling materials underneath leaving you with the layout of a lifetime!

Our railway modelling clients are understandably very particular so we carefully plan the project to keep the clients specifications throughout.

Planning your model railway loft conversion

Model railway loft conversions can be very cost effective. Some clients can have there model railways created from just £750 in our standard loft conversion package.