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Loft Conversion Leeds

Ecoloft loft conversions specialise in maximising your unused loft space and turning them into beautiful lofty storage and habitable spaces. The majority of homes leave their loft areas completely un-used which is a real shame because we all know how important space is. Having more of it can never be a bad thing, right?

If you’re considering a loft conversion in Leeds, there are a few things you need to know.

Here’s a quick guide to getting started.

Loft conversions can be a great way to add extra space to your home, and they can also be a cost-effective way to do it. However, there are a few things you need to consider before you get started. Here’s a quick guide to loft conversions in Leeds.

The first thing you need to do is check if your home is suitable for a loft conversion. Most lofts can be converted, but there are some that can’t. You’ll need to check with us first to see if your home is suitable.

Once you’ve checked that your home is suitable, you’ll need to decide what kind of loft conversion you want. There are a few different options, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. You can find out about these on our packages page.

You’ll need to think about what you want to use the extra space for, your budget, timeframes etc.

If you’re not sure what kind of loft conversion you want, we can advise the best option for you. Our team can help you decide which option is best for you by assessing your needs, and they can also give you an estimate of how much it will cost.

That’s why we are on the lookout for our next loft conversion in Leeds

With a host of different loft conversion packages to choose from, you can be sure to find a solution to your loft conversion needs with one of our amazing habitable loft conversion packages or loft storage packages.

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have completed many loft conversions in Leeds and surrounding areas. If you aren’t in Leeds don’t worry because we provide loft conversions throughout the nation.

With lots on loft conversions in leeds under our belt, you can trust Ecoloft to get the job done!

Here are some quick case studies and examples of our loft conversions over the years:

Mr and Mrs Prichard were searching for “loft conversion Leeds” and found a number of contractors who came and provided a quotation. Numerous quotes later, Mr and Mrs Prichard found Ecoloft and were “impressed beyond expectations” with the quote they received for their loft conversion.

The property had a truss loft support which many modern homes have. These types of loft conversion are notoriously
complex to convert which most contractors would shy away from – Not Ecoloft! We embrace a good challenge and are
experts with this particular type of loft conversion.

We provided them with a ‘his and hers’ work space area with a fast turnaround, meaning they were able to have their loft conversion ready to work within 5 days!

Take a look at the finished article:

Office Workspace 1:


Bespoke storage solutions:

Loft Storage Conversion Ideas

Examples of our packages:

Standard Loft Conversion Package

Kieran from York opted for our STANDARD package to create a basic storage space in his 1950s semi-detached property. We cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into his 15 square metre loft area. We turned his unused loft into a great storage space in just one day, and ALL for just £1550 + VAT.

Lined Loft Conversion Package

Patricia from Bradford opted for our LINED package to create a clean and basic storage space in her1930’s 3 bedroomed terraced house. As standard, we cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into her 24 square metre loft area, covering the entire space with our Visqueen lining to create a clean, bright white storage area. We turned her unused loft into a great clean, lined storage space in just one day, and ALL for just £2040 + VAT.

The Eco Loft Conversion Package

Alan from Birmingham opted for our ECO package to create a warm, insulated storage space in his new detached property. After adding to his existing insulation, we installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into his 20 square metre loft area. We turned his unused loft into our ECO warm storage space in just 2 days, and ALL for just £2300 + VAT.

The Deluxe Loft Conversion Package

Alison from Crawley opted for our DELUXE package in her 1960s semi-detached property. We cleared out the old insulation, installed a deluxe wooden fold away Fakro Ladder and laid a new flooring network into her 30 square metre loft area.
Alison used her space to store fabric for her clothing business, so we added a Velux window for added natural light. To maximise the eaves spaces, we installed 4 hand-crafted insulated cupboards. We turned her previously unused loft into a great DELUXE space in just five days, and ALL for just £6750 + VAT.

To receive a FREE quote for your loft conversion Leeds, call 0845 017 6057

Create Your Own Loft Cinema Room

Home cinema, also called a home theater, is a term for an audio-visual system that seeks to reproduce the experience of going to a movie theater. Home theaters typically have large screen televisions or video projection systems, surround sound speakers, Blu-ray or DVD players, and comfortable seating. Many people enjoy building their own home cinemas, as it allows them to customize the experience to their own preferences.

There are a few things to consider when setting up a home cinema. First, you’ll need to decide on the size of the television or projector screen. The larger the screen, the more immersive the experience will be. You’ll also need to choose speakers that can provide good sound quality. It’s important to place the speakers correctly in order to get the best sound possible. Finally, you’ll need to choose comfortable seating that will allow you to enjoy the experience.

With a little planning and effort, you can create your own home cinema that will provide hours of enjoyment.

Convert your loft into a loft cinema room

We have in the past noticed the demand and desire for a cinema room but most of these dreams are put off due to not having enough space. So the best alternative we believe is to convert your loft area. Most lofts can be converted nowadays, even the new trussed lofts can be converted with the correct procedures in place.

So how much will a loft cinema room cost me?

Well, we provide a blank canvas – that meaning we convert your loft and supply electricity, ladder access, flooring, insulation, and storage from as little as £4500! Any requirements such as electricity behind walls for tv mounting will be adhered to. We have talented joiners here at Ecoloft and can help with any specific requirements you may have. Projectors and large Televisions are so affordable nowadays so this may only add around £1000 to your total budget.

Benefits of having a home cinema:

1. You can enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home.

2. You can control the environment, including the temperature and lighting.

3. You can choose your own movie schedule.

4. You can invite friends and family to join you for movie night.

5. You can create a fun and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Contact us first for your loft cinema room quotations

We have been one of the most competitive loft conversion companies for years now and wouldn’t want you to lose money from not requesting a free quotation from us. So call 0845 017 6057 for a quote today or receive our FREE online calculation.

Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Your Loft

When it comes to man caves, nothing quite compares to a loft man cave. Why? We really don’t know!! Perhaps it’s the seclusion your loft has from the rest of the home, maybe it’s the sloping ceiling that can give a more den-like feel? Or maybe we all just want to be a bit more like batman and live in a cave – in our roof.

Whatever your reasons are for considering creating your own man cave, here are a couple of ideas that should hopefully make your “ludicrous” man cave idea a little more justifiable when persuading your other half.

What is a man cave?

A man cave is a space in a house where a man can relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is usually decorated with items that are important to the owner, such as sports memorabilia or games.

Many men use their man caves as a place to unwind after a long day at work, or to watch their favorite sports team on television. Some man caves even have bars or pool tables, making them the perfect place to entertain friends.

While a man cave may be a place for a man to escape from the outside world, it is also a place where he can feel comfortable being himself.

Benefits of having a man cave:

There are many benefits to having a man cave. It can be a place for you to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can also be a great place to entertain friends and family. Here are some of the top benefits of having a man cave:

1. It’s your own private retreat

2. It’s a great place to entertain friends and family

3. It can boost your property value

4. It’s a great way to show off your personality

5. It can be a source of pride for you and your family

6. It’s a great place to bond with friends or family members

7. It can be a source of relaxation

8. It can help you save money on entertainment expenses

9. It can be a great way to stay fit and active

10. It’s a great way to show your creative side

If you’re considering adding a man cave to your home, there are plenty of benefits to consider. From boosting your property value to providing you with a private retreat, a man cave can offer a variety of benefits. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your man cave today and take a look at some of our ideas below!

Take a look at our Man cave ideas:

Go to the cinema, in your loft!

First off on our list is the beloved loft cinema room. If you’re looking for a truly unique cinema experience, then a loft cinema room is the perfect choice. These stylish and contemporary rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why.

For all of us movie lovers, the first thing we think about when converting that old loft is to put a ridiculously large Television in there. Now squeeze in your large sofa/cinema chairs, surround sound speakers, mini-fridge, maybe a popcorn machine, and you’re at the movies!!

Loft cinema rooms offer a variety of benefits that traditional cinemas simply can’t match. For starters, they’re much more intimate and cosy, making them ideal for a night in with your closest friends or family. You can also control the environment much more easily, so you can create the perfect atmosphere for your film of choice.

And of course, there’s the added bonus of being able to watch films in the comfort of your own home!

Pac-man, Pool, foosball?

When thinking of man cave ideas, no man cave can be quite complete without your very own games room.

There are many reasons why you might want to create your own games room. Maybe you’re a big fan of video games and want a dedicated space to play them in. Maybe you have kids and they just won’t stop playing with YOUR toys.

Whatever your reasons, there are a few things you should keep in mind when creating your own games room.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the space in your loft before you can decide whats going to go in it.

You’ll then need to decide what kind of games you want to have. Do you want console games, a billiards table to a full-size snooker table? Let your inner child go crazy.

Now its time to think about things like lighting, furniture, and decoration.

How about a home bar?

Don’t ask why this isn’t number 1. Gone are the days of overpriced alcohol and taxi fares. Your very own bar, where nobody can kick you out! like I need to sell that to you. Who wouldn’t love to be like Tom Cruise in Cocktail?

A home bar is a small, typically portable, bar used for serving alcoholic beverages at home. Home bars are becoming increasingly popular as people seek to entertain guests in their homes. Many people choose to purchase pre-made home bars, while others prefer to build their own.

Building a home bar can be a fun and rewarding project. There are many different ways to build a home bar, and the type of bar you build will depend on your personal preferences and budget. If you are looking to build a simple home bar, you can purchase a pre-made bar kit or build one yourself using basic carpentry skills. For a more sophisticated home bar, you may want to hire a professional carpenter or cabinetmaker to custom build your bar.

When building a home bar, it is important to consider the type of alcohol you will be serving. If you plan on serving mixed drinks, you will need to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies, such as a blender, liquor, mixers, and glasses. If you plan on serving beer and wine, you will need to purchase a keg cooler or wine fridge.

Another important consideration when building a home bar is the type of furniture you will use. Home bars can be built using standard kitchen cabinets, repurposed furniture, or custom-built pieces. When selecting furniture for your home bar, it is important to choose pieces that are durable and easy to clean.

Building a home bar can be a fun and rewarding project. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a space in your home that will be the perfect place to entertain guests.

Loft music studio

Rock out in your own music studio. Whether you want to be the next big thing or just have a passion for music it makes sense to make this your top idea for a man cave. Who needs a desk – Buy yourself the largest bean bag imaginable, relax and enjoy.

If you’re serious about music, you need a serious home music studio. And that’s exactly what we offer at our state-of-the-art facility. We have the latest in digital and analogue technology, and our experienced engineers will work with you to create the perfect sound.

We know that every musician is different, so we offer a range of services to suit your needs. We can record your music in our studio, or we can come to you and record in your own space. We also offer mixing and mastering services, so you can be sure that your music sounds its best.

Loft jacuzzi or hot tub

Ever come home from work and never seem to really shut off and unwind? Even the most masculine of men know that feeling right?

Finding your own work/life balance can be hard. So most (myself included) would put on a hot bath to chill out. If you have kids or other commitments this just doesn’t cut the mustard. Your very own Hot tub/jacuzzi in your loft could be your answer.

Come home from work to completely unwind – nobody can reach you, nobody can touch you or bug you, shut your loft hatch, throw away the key!!

Ever wanted a miniature town train set?

Some people have converted their loft to devote the entire space to a Scalextric track or train towns! How cool is that! Other than Scalextric there are numerous other hobby room ideas for you to enjoy. All the rage for our 70-80 kids.

We have converted hundreds of lofts and many of the themes above. You’ll be surprised to hear that our loft conversion packages start from just £4500. See our deluxe loft conversion for further details on this package.

Top 10 Loft Conversion Ideas

Embarking on a mission as big as converting your loft space can be an epic task. We face people on a regular basis who either need more space, want to improve their home, or just want a hobby room area just for themselves. A common problem we find is that our customers know why they need a loft conversion but don’t know which route to take to make sure their loft conversion ideas become reality.

That’s why we have outlined our top 10 loft conversion ideas for you to take a look at. Although some are extravagant, others can be created from as little as £750 from our basic loft conversion package. Other loft conversions can be completed with our deluxe loft conversion package which starts from £4500 although equipment will not be provided. so read on and be inspired.

#1. Office loft conversion

Loft office conversion

First up on our list is the office loft conversion.

If you’re lucky enough to have a loft office, working from home can be a dream come true. No more commuting, no more office politics, and best of all, you can design your space exactly the way you want it.

This is one of the most popular choices because it crosses the border from being just an extra loft storage area, to productive and worthwhile investment.

If your office is used for business purposes you can also take a percentage from your monthly bills such as gas and electricity and count it towards your business’s expenses. Yet another reason to convert your loft area to for this home office idea.

Take a look at our indepth home office page to see how taking your work home with you really can be beneficial.

#2. Storage room

loft storage

Dramatically maximise storage space in your home

This may surprise you to be on the list but our basic loft conversion is also a very popular package. Because our hoarding really has mounted up other the years, customers are turning to their lofts to either clear out there junk “out of sight, out of mind” and some to simply add to the hoard.

Most lofts are nothing more than a giant empty space, taking up valuable square footage in your home that could be put to better use. If you’re not using your loft for storage, you may be surprised to learn that there are many benefits to converting it.

Not only will you be able to maximize the space in your home, but you’ll also be able to add value to your property.

Either way our basic loft conversion package is popular because it is cheap and effective. We have found on numerous forums online when asked “how much does a loft conversion cost“, the usual reply is in excess of £10,000! the shock comes when we tell them a loft storage conversion can be done from as little as £750.

#3. Home cinema room

A home cinema sounds like any movie buffs fantasy. There’s something very different between watching a film in your living room and watching a film in your newly converted loft cinema room.

Something almost ‘den like’ which must go back to our childhood. We have seen the loft cinema room done a number of ways from authentic vintage cinema seating, retro armchairs to ginormous beanbags for seating in comfort and style. I particularly would opt for the bean bags – simply because the harder it is for me to get up, the longer i’ll be there.

What makes a great home cinema room?

Size and layout:

The size of your room will dictate the size and layout of your home cinema setup. If you have a large room, you can go all out with a big screen and surround sound system. If you have a smaller room, you might want to consider a TV and soundbar setup.


You’ll want to make sure your home cinema room has good lighting. This means having enough light to see the screen, but not so much light that it’s distracting.


Comfort is key when it comes to seating. You’ll want to make sure you have enough seats for everyone who wants to watch, and that they’re comfortable enough to sit through an entire movie.


A good home cinema setup will have great sound. This means a surround sound system that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.


A big screen is a must for a great home cinema room. But you’ll also want to make sure the picture quality is good. This means getting a TV with a high resolution and making sure your Blu-ray player or streaming device has a high-quality video output.

What are the benefits of having a home cinema room?

1. You can enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home.

2. You can control the environment, including the temperature and lighting.

3. You can choose your own movie schedule.

4. You can invite friends and family to join you for movie night.

5. You can create a fun and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

#4. Gym room

If health and fitness is your main concern and lets Design face it, why shouldn’t it be? Then a simple home gym studio could be a great choice.

There are many benefits to having a home gym, including the convenience of working out in your own space and on your own schedule. A home gym can also save you money on monthly gym membership fees and transportation costs. Additionally, you may find that working out at home provides a more comfortable and relaxed environment than a traditional gym setting.

If you currently find that you pay for an expensive gym membership at the moment you could find that a loft conversion in your own could be a fairly cost-effective alternative alongside saving you time commuting to and from the gym.

So If you’re looking to get fit and healthy, a home gym can be a great investment.

Here are our five benefits of having a home gym in your new loft conversion:

1. You can work out whenever you want – With a home gym, there’s no need to wait for the gym to open or worry about closing times. You can workout anytime that suits you, day or night.

2. You don’t need to travel – If you live far from the nearest gym, a home gym can save you a lot of time and effort. You won’t need to waste time travelling to and from the gym, or pay for expensive transport costs.

3. You can avoid the crowds – If you don’t like working out in a crowded gym, a home gym is the perfect solution. You can have the entire space to yourself, so you can focus on your workout and get the most out of it.

4. You can save money – A home gym is a great way to save money in the long run. Once you’ve made the initial investment, you won’t need to pay membership fees or for expensive classes.

5. You can tailor your workout to your needs – With a home gym, you can customize your workout to suit your specific goals and needs. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, you can create a workout routine that’s perfect for you.

If you’re thinking of investing in a home gym, these are just some of the benefits you can enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Start working out at home today!

#5. Games room

Release your inner child

Is your inner child getting excited about the thought of your very own games room, arcade even?

We have games room loft conversions from many people which include complex Scalextric tracks throughout their loft which extends on to multiple tiers.

A games room can include anything from your childhood arcade games such as Pac-man or full-size pool tables.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect games room. Whether you’re a die-hard gamer or just looking for a fun place to hang out with friends.

here are some top tips to make your perfect games room:

1. Create a dedicated gaming space

If you’re serious about your gaming, then you’ll need a dedicated space to do it in. This can be anything from a simple desk in the corner of your room to a custom-built gaming PC setup. Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough space for all your equipment and plenty of ventilation to keep things cool.

2. Get the right furniture

Comfortable furniture is a must for any games room. Whether you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax or need a setup that’s conducive to marathon gaming sessions, there are plenty of options to choose from. Bean bags, recliners, and gaming chairs are all popular choices, but you can really go with whatever you think looks best.

3. Invest in a big TV or monitor

Any games room worth its salt needs a big screen to play on. If you’re planning on playing console games, then a large TV is the way to go. For PC gamers, multiple monitors are often the best option as they allow for a wider field of view. Whichever route you choose, make sure your screen is big enough to give you the best gaming experience possible.

4. Stock up on snacks and drinks

No games room is complete without a fridge full of snacks and drinks. Whether you’re looking for something to munch on between games or need a quick energy boost, having a few snacks on hand is always a good idea. And, of course, you’ll need something to wash it all down with. A mini fridge is a great way to keep your drinks cold and within easy reach.

5. Add some decoration

Personalize your games room with some cool decorations. Posters, lights, and other memorabilia can all help to make your space feel more like your own. And if you’re a fan of gaming culture, there are plenty of ways to incorporate that into your decor as well. From classic arcade games to life-size statues, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding some personality to your space.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on creating the perfect games room. Whatever your budget or taste, there’s sure to be something here that will appeal to you. So get creative and have fun putting your own personal spin on things. After all, it’s your space and you should enjoy it however you see fit.

#6. Children’s play area

If you’re looking for ways to create more space in your home, or simply want to make a dedicated area for your children to play in, consider creating a children’s play room. While it may seem like a daunting task, with a little planning and creativity it can be easily accomplished. Plus, having a designated play room will help keep your home more organised and tidy.

Having a safe, self contained area for the kids to play could be just what you need to separate your home from the kids toys at long last. No more stepping on lego sets or toys.

#7. Prayer room or Chapel

Your prayer room is a space where you can go to pray, meditate or simply spend time in reflection. It is usually a quiet and peaceful place, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Prayer rooms can be found in many different settings, including religious institutions, hospitals, schools and businesses. Some prayer rooms are open to the public, while others are reserved for specific groups of people – but this is your prayer room and can be tailored to you.

Prayer rooms typically contain a few simple pieces of furniture, such as chairs or benches, and may have religious artefacts.

Whether you are looking for a place to pray, meditate or simply take a break from the chaos of the world, a prayer room can be a valuable resource.

We have been tasked to complete prayer room loft conversions for a number of customers. These rooms are very basic and can sometimes be completed with our basic loft conversion packages starting from just £750.


#8. Reading area


If you’re like most people, your home is your haven. It’s a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. But what if your home could be even more than that? What if it could be a place where you could go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and truly relax?

That’s where a reading room comes in. A reading room is a dedicated space in your home where you can go to read, relax, and escape from the world. It’s the perfect place to curl up with a good book, or to spend some time working on a puzzle or playing a game.

If you’re thinking of creating a reading room in your home, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. First, you’ll need to ensure your loft has adequate lighting by installing plenty of velux windows.

A reading room should be quiet and peaceful, so it’s important to choose a space that is away from the main living areas of your home which is why a loft conversion is perfect.

You’ll also want to make sure that the space is well-lit, comfortable, and inviting ready to start furnishing it. comfortable chair is a must, as is a good lamp. You might also want to consider adding a small table or desk, so that you have a place to put your book or work on your puzzle. And of course, you’ll need to stock your reading room with plenty of books!

We can create bespoke storage solutions for bookcases and shelving to make your perfect relaxation area. Curl up on your sofa and become fully engaged in your favourite book in complete peace.

#9. Walk in wardrobe

Ever fancied your own walk-in wardrobe?

Ever wanted your own vanity area to get ready for a special event or night? Imagine showing your friends your very own wardrobe loft conversion. I’m sure you would have every woman’s envy with this loft conversion.

There are many benefits of having a walk in wardrobe, especially if you have a lot of clothes and accessories.

Here are our top benefits to a loft conversion wardrobe:

1. You can see everything at once. This is great for deciding what to wear and making sure that you have everything you need for your outfit.

2. There is less chance of clothes getting wrinkled. If you hang everything up, there is less chance that your clothes will get creased or wrinkled.

3. You can organize your wardrobe better. With a walk in wardrobe, you can easily see where everything is and how it is organized. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for and to keep your wardrobe organized.

4. You can add storage space. If you have a lot of clothes, you can add shelves or other storage solutions to your walk in wardrobe to make more space.

5. You can make your wardrobe a design feature. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your walk in wardrobe into a beautiful and stylish part of your home.

There are many other benefits of having a walk in wardrobe, but these are some of the most popular ones. If you have the space, it is definitely worth considering adding one to your home.

#10. Loft music studio

Have your own music studio.

You can create your own space where you feel comfortable making music. This can be a great way to improve your craft and get better at making music. If you have your sights on becoming a star or just want to express yourself through your passion for music.

Additionally, having your own studio gives you the ability to record your music and share it with others. This can be a great way to get your music out there and heard by a wider audience – if that is what you choose to do.

Finally, having your own studio can simply be a fun way to have your own space to make music in. Overall, there are many benefits to having your own music studio and it can be a great addition to any musician’s life.


Whatever your loft conversion idea may be, from lighting and decoration to storage and workspaces, EcoLoft aims to build your dream loft conversion for a fraction of the price of other alternatives.

How To Make Your Loft Office Conversion Pay For Itself

Ever wanted to work from your own home?

If you work in a mobile capacity or would like to someday, read our article which aims to provide a little insight into the growing trend of working from home.

Working from home has increased in popularity and so has the demand for freelancers and mobile workers. If you could work from home but have put it off because of finances or just don’t want to bring work home with you. We believe we have the solution.

A loft office conversion that is completely out of sight and out of mind once you finish your workday. Fakro fold-away staircases are used which because they aren’t permanent will be folded away leaving your loft office hidden. This causes us to completely “shut out” work enabling a much easier work/life environment.

You may be thinking that a Loft conversion sounds like the best alternative but unsure where the money will come to finance this? Prices start from just £4500 and we provide an online loft conversion cost calculator to help you decide. EcoLoft believes our loft offices could pay for themselves once you take into account your current expenditure and factor in taxable assets.

Here’s a fictional case study

Read our completely made up case study of Ben to get a better picture:

Ben is a freelancer, he rents an office which is an average of 45 minutes commute from his home and has lunch in the centre each day. Ben pays £400 for the office he rents each month and charges £25/hr which he has been doing for years.

He knows that he can work from home and decides to research how he can achieve this effectively without merging his home life with his work which most would consider (myself included) very important.

Ben finds that he can convert his existing loft space into a loft office. After discovering our great website he finds that he can have his loft converted to a loft office for as little as £4500 and starts crunching some numbers.

He can afford the conversion and wants to justify his spending, so he breaks down his current expenditure for working at his office. This is broken down as follows:

Monthly outgoings whilst working at an external office

Office rent = £400 per month
£4 each day travel x 21 days work average = £84 per month
Lunch in centre £4 each day = £84 per month
16hrs lost revenue from commuting = £400

That’s a saving of £968 per month

Monthly outgoings working at home

To afford the loft office ben gets a loan for £5000. The loan which is at 8% equates to £5,827.70 over the course of 4 years which equals £121.41 per month.

Ben is now £847 better off each month!

So that is absolutely amazing and he couldn’t be happier but after Ben’s loft conversion he wonders if his new loft office has increased the value of his home. He has a number of valuations and was astounded to find that his £4500 investment has increased the value of his home. His investment of £4500 has not only added £4500 to his home but it has doubled – adding £9000!

Okay, this figure may be fictional but based on recent surveys such as one outlined in the guardian have documented properties adding in a surplus of £20,000 to their home from a £10,000 loft conversion investment.

Also to further save money many may not realise that if they decide to work from home in any capacity when completing self-assessment they can deduct certain expenses against their household bills!

This includes electricity, water, mortgage, etc. Calculations can be made online using websites such as this website.

How things have changed in 2022

Working from home has not only become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, but it’s now became a necessity for most people around the globe.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, it looks like this trend is here to stay.

There are plenty of reasons why working from home is popular though even before Covid-19.

For one, it can save employees a lot of money on things like commuting costs and office space rental. Additionally, it gives people more flexibility when it comes to their work hours and schedule. And let’s not forget the increased productivity that can come with working in a quiet, comfortable environment.

If you’re like many people, you’re now working from home due to the covid pandemic, here are some tips to help you make the most of working from home:

Make the most of working from home

1. Get organized.

Working from home can be a bit chaotic, so it’s important to get organized. Make sure you have a dedicated workspace set up, with all the supplies you need. This will help you stay focused and productive.

2. Set a schedule.

It can be tempting to just lounge around in your pajamas all day when you’re working from home. But this can actually make it harder to get work done. Instead, set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Get up at the same time each day, take regular breaks, and so on. This will help you stay on track.

3. Stay connected.

It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re working from home. But there are plenty of ways to stay connected with your colleagues and others. Use video conferencing, chat apps, and so on to stay in touch.

4. Take care of yourself.

Working from home can be stressful, so it’s important to take care of yourself. Make sure you get enough rest, eat healthy meals, and exercise regularly. This will help you stay healthy and productive.

5. Have fun.

Working from home doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Make time for things you enjoy, such as hobbies, socializing, and so on. This will help you relieve stress and stay balanced.


So I’m sure you will agree there really is no reason not to convert your loft into a useable, modern loft office and it really can pay for itself. To find out more about our prices of loft conversions check out our loft conversion cost page. Prices are transparent and honest just like us.

More Loft Conversion Ideas

Loft conversions are one of the most popular types of home improvement projects in the UK. In fact, it’s a popular option when you need more space, without having to move. The cost of a new home keeps increasing, making it expensive to buy and new home and move.

If you’re considering a loft, do you have ideas on what you’d like to do with the converted space? If not, that’s OK. It can be difficult coming up with ideas, so we’ve put together a few loft conversion ideas and things to consider with each type of conversion. We hope you find something here that inspires your own loft conversion project!

Working with the Space

One of the first things to consider is the shape of your loft. Does it have some odd angles, sloping ceilings, etc.? These can create some charming spaces when included in the conversion design. However, they can also present problems, unless you have a good design to work with. A great design needs to consider the intended use of the space and then incorporate the features of the loft.

It’s a good idea to hire a specialist builder who has experience with loft conversions. And an architect to review the drawings of your conversion plan is also a good idea. Adding in a builder and an architect do add to the cost of the loft conversion but consider this money well spent. They’ll keep you from making some of the most common mistakes that can occur with a loft conversion project.

In the end, with a great design that incorporates the quirky angles of the loft, you’ll have a wonderful, usable new space. Not only that, but your home’s value will also go up if the conversion is done right.

Living Room Loft & Natural Light

What could be more natural than creating a living room in the loft? Many people choose to convert their loft into a living room. It’s a great space to use for entertaining family and friends, adding a private space for older kids, or evening making it into TV and entertainment room. The loft could be the perfect place to chill after long hours at work, or perhaps just to read.

You’ll need to remember that the loft can be a great living space; however, there’s a lot of natural light up there. You can take in the views from up there, but also consider the warmth of the sun during the summer when the light is bright for long hours during the day.

It may be necessary to have light-blocking blinds on the windows, in order to keep the new living area cooler in the summer and minimize light when watching TV. In addition, you may want to think about adding sliding or French doors that open out onto a small balcony (if space allows). This is a great way to improve airflow, bring in fresh air, and even make the space feel a little larger. These additions, however, will depend on the type of conversion and the type of roofline you have.

A Hobby Room in the Loft

Have you thought about using the loft as a hobby room? The loft can be converted into a place where you can enjoy your favorite hobby. Do you create crafts or sew? Or do you enjoy playing the guitar or another musical instrument? The loft conversion would make a wonderful music room.

If you plan on activities that can be noisy for the loft space, then you should consider adding soundproofing to the conversion plans. This is especially necessary if your new space will share a wall with a neighbor’s home, or to allow everyone in your own home to enjoy some quiet while you’re playing.

To soundproof the new space, you can consider adding:

  • Thermal insulation in the ceilings, walls, and floors—this provides some noise insulation.
  • High-density acoustic plasterboard also helps to soundproof
  • Carpet is also great
  • Foam tiles added to the walls and ceilings, can also be great soundproofing

Create a Master Bedroom in the Loft

If you need space to get away from the world, then converting the loft into a master bedroom could be a great choice for you. In fact, this is a very popular option when it comes to loft conversions.

When creating a bedroom space, keep in mind that you’ll want to add window coverings to enhance your privacy. And the natural light coming in will also be quite intense, so adding light-blocking blinds may be a good choice. They’ll block the light and keep out the heat of summer, too.

And remember you’ll want to add clothes and bedding storage to your new bedroom. The space under the eaves may be too low for freestanding cabinets or shelving. However, you might consider having bespoke furnishings created for your new room.

Create two bedrooms

If you need to add more than one extra bedroom to your home, consider splitting your loft conversion into 2 smaller rooms with a partition wall. this is very common in loft conversions and can sometimes double the amount of rooms your home has. A twin bedroom loft conversion can provide you with the extra space you need, without taking up too much space in your home.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning to add a two bedroom loft conversion. First, you’ll need to make sure that your loft is large enough to accommodate two rooms. Second, you’ll want to consider the layout of your home and the amount of natural light that each room will get. And third, you’ll need to make sure that your staircase will accommodate access to two bedrooms.

The Loft May Be the Perfect Kid Space

Do your kids need more space for their toys? Do you regularly have to walk over a floor that’s covered in plastic connector blocks? We feel for you! If you’re often having to step around those blocks, then maybe it’s time to consider converting the loft into a kids’ room.

Think of it—a space where your kids can play, store their toys, enjoy their hobbies, etc. Your house will be clutter-free, and you’ll no longer suffer from stepping on sharp, plastic connector blocks!

Here, again, just as with the bedroom conversion, you may want to consider bespoke storage options. The space under the eaves will make it difficult to use store-bought storage units. With cabinets, shelves, etc. built specially to conform to the angles of the room, you’ll create a lovely play area for the kids.

Don’t Forget to Add a Bathroom

With a loft conversion, it’s always a good idea to add a bathroom to the new space. If you’re adding a bathroom to a kids’ playroom or a hobby room, you can probably get away with including only a toilet and a sink. For a bedroom, you’ll want to add a full bathroom, with at least a shower, if not a tub.

A converted loft is a great way to add more space and value to your home. The loft area can be used in almost any way you’d like, just remember to work with the walls and ceilings. A great design will ensure you have a beautiful room when it’s all completed.

Our top 10 loft conversion benefits

What are the benefits of having your loft converted? 

A loft conversion is a great way to add extra living space to your home. There are many different ways you can use the extra space, such as adding an extra bedroom, office, playroom, or even a home cinema.

There are also many benefits to having a loft conversion, such as increasing the value of your property and making your home more energy efficient.

Converting your loft can also be much cheaper than moving house, and it’s much less disruptive too!

What to consider when converting your loft;

If you’re thinking of having a loft conversion, it’s important to work with a reputable contractor who can help you design the space and recommend any necessary structural changes to your home. This will help ensure that your new loft is safe and meets all building regulations. At Ecoloft we have many years of experience converting lofts of all shapes and sizes. Having converted hundreds of lofts around the UK already, we have seen it all.

Our top 10 benefits from a loft conversion;

1. More space: A loft conversion can give you up to an additional 30% more space in your home, which is perfect if you’re starting to feel a bit cramped.

2. Increased property value: Not only will you get to enjoy the extra space while you live in your home, but a loft conversion can also add significant value should you ever decide to sell up.

3. Greater flexibility: An unused loft is often wasted space, but converting it gives you the opportunity to create a whole new room (or rooms) with whatever purpose you desire.

4. Improved energy efficiency: By better insulating your loft, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money on heating bills.

5. More natural light: Most lofts have large windows which can help to brighten up your home and create a more airy feel.

6. Enhanced privacy: A loft conversion can give you some much-needed extra privacy, especially if you convert it into a bedroom or home office.

7. Increased storage: If your home is lacking in storage space, a loft conversion can provide the perfect solution. You can use it to store away seasonal items or anything else you need to keep out of the way.

8. Quiet retreat: Once converted, your loft can become a calm and quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life downstairs.

9. Home office potential: With more and more people working from home, a loft conversion can provide the perfect space to set up a dedicated home office away from distractions.

10. Personalisation: Converting your loft is a great opportunity to put your own personal stamp on your home and create a space that truly reflects your style and taste without needing to compromise the rest of your home. Anybody else thinking mancave?

So there you have it – some common uses of a loft conversion and the many benefits that come with having one!

Whether you’re looking for extra living space, more energy efficiency, or simply a way to add value to your home, a loft conversion is an excellent option. And with the help of an experienced contractor, the whole process can be quick and easy! So what are you waiting for? Contact Ecoloft today to discuss your options.

Maximise storage in your home


There are many ways to maximise storage in your home. One way is to convert your loft into usable storage space. Another way is to make shelving units underneath stairways. You can also convert your garage into a proper storage area. By doing these things, you can create more storage space in your home, making it more organized and efficient.

Another way to create more storage space in your home is to declutter. This means getting rid of items that you no longer need or use. This can free up a lot of space, allowing you to store other things in their place. You can also consider renting a storage unit if you have items that you want to keep but don’t necessarily need on a regular basis. This can be a great way to create extra space in your home without having to get rid of anything.

If you are looking for ways to maximise storage in your home, there are many options available to you. By taking some time to explore all of your options, you can find the best solution for your needs. This will help you keep your home more organised and efficient, making it a more enjoyable place to live.


Adding shelving to your under stairway space is a great way to add extra storage without taking up too much space. You can use this shelving to store things like holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, or even non-perishable food items.

To get started, you will need to measure the space under your stairs to determine how much shelving you will need. Once you have your measurements, head to your local hardware store or home improvement center to purchase the supplies you will need.

Next, you will need to install the shelving. This can be done by screwing the shelving into the wall or by using brackets. If you are using brackets, be sure to use ones that are rated for the weight of the shelving and the items you will be storing on it.

Once your shelving is installed, you can start filling it with whatever you need to store. Be sure to leave some space at the top for taller items. And, if you have any items that are particularly fragile, be sure to store them on the top shelf.


There are many ways you can use your garage to maximise storage space.

By using some simple organisation techniques, you can make the most of this often neglected area in your home.

One way to utilise your garage for storage is by installing shelves. This will give you a designated place to store items such as boxes, tools and other household items. You can purchase shelves specifically for garages at most hardware stores.

Another great way to organise your garage is by using hooks and hangers. This is perfect for storing garden equipment, sports gear and other larger items. You can also use these methods to hang bikes from the ceiling or walls, freeing up valuable floor space.

If you have a lot of smaller items that need to be stored, consider using baskets or bins. This way you can easily see what is inside and quickly grab what you need. Label each basket or bin so you know exactly where everything is. You can also use your garage for seasonal storage.

If you have items that you only need during certain times of the year, such as holiday decorations or summer sports gear, keep them in the garage. This will declutter your home and make it much easier to find what you need when you need it.


Many of us have lofts that are nothing more than dusty, cobwebbed spaces that are home to nothing more than old boxes, forgotten Christmas decorations and spiders.

But what if your loft could be so much more?

You have so much excess room in your property than you think. Most homeowners have completely forgotten about this huge storage potential right above their heads.

Your loft can be transformed into a spacious and practical storage area that will free up so much potential for space in your home. The best part is that loft conversions can be very cheap if they are only converted to hold storage.

Take a look at our standard package for more info.

*above image represents deluxe package with bespoke storage.

Home storage roundup

If you need more storage space in your home but Converting your garage is overkill? Check out our top tips below.

1. Use furniture with hidden storage.

One way to get more storage space in your home is by using furniture with hidden storage. For example, ottomans and coffee tables with built-in storage are great for storing extra blankets, pillows, and toys.

2. Create vertical storage space.

Another way to create more storage space is by using vertical space. Tall shelving units and bookcases are perfect for this.

3. Hang things on the walls.

You can also hang things on the walls, such as pot racks, wall hooks, extra shelving, coat hooks, extra cupboards etc.

4. Use the space under your staircase

If you have a staircase leading up to your loft conversion, there’s a good chance you’re not using the space beneath it effectively. This is the perfect spot for some extra storage, whether you use it for boxes, luggage or anything else you need to keep out of the way.

2. Invest in a loft storage conversion

One of the best ways to make use of your loft space is to hire us to convert your loft using our standard loft conversion. Giving you a base to install some kind of flooring, whether it’s carpet, laminate or something else. This package will give you a level surface to work with, making it much easier to store things and keep your loft organised. Always seek professional advice beforehand.

3. Get some shelves installed

Shelves are a great way to make the most of your loft conversion space. You can get shelves that go up the whole length of the wall, or you can go for something smaller that fits neatly into an alcove. Whatever type of shelving you choose is up to you – just be sure to make good use of this valuable storage space.

4. Use stackable boxes

Stackable boxes are a great option if you don’t have much floor space in your loft conversion. They allow you to store items on top and underneath them, so they take up less room than regular boxes and other types of storage when stacked together one on top of another.

5. Invest in some hanging rails

Hanging rails are essential if you want to make the most of your loft conversion space. You can hang your clothes from them, or anything else that suits – just be sure to have a good system for organizing everything so it’s easy to find what you need when you need it.

6. Use space-saving racks and cubes

If stacking boxes doesn’t work for you, try some space-saving racks and cubes instead. These are miniature storage systems that are perfect for smaller spaces such as lofts, making it easy to store all sorts of things without wasting any valuable room.

7. Get some hooks installed on the wall

Hooks are another excellent way to save space in your loft conversion, especially if you have limited floor or shelf space. You can use them to hang coats, towels, bags or anything else that you need to keep off the floor and out of the way.

8. Use under-bed storage

If you have a bed in your loft conversion, make use of the space underneath it with some under-bed storage. This is perfect for storing things that you don’t need easy access to, such as extra bedding or seasonal clothing.

9. Keep things organized with baskets and bins

Baskets and bins are a great way to keep your loft conversion organized and tidy. You can use them to store anything from clothes and shoes to books and toys – just be sure to label them so you know what’s inside each one

Whatever route you choose, getting more storage space in your home is definitely possible.

So don’t wait any longer, start decluttering and get organized today!

Does having a loft conversion increase your property value?

A loft conversion can add significant value to your property, depending on the size and location of the property. In some cases, a loft conversion can add up to 20% to the value of your home. This makes it an excellent investment for those looking to improve their property’s value.

However, it is important to note that not all loft conversions are created equal. The quality of the conversion will play a big role in how much value it adds to your home. Be sure to work with a reputable contractor like Ecoloft, who has experience in performing high-quality loft conversions. This will help ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Adding an extra bedroom to your property

One factor that could affect the value of your property is the amount of extra living space that a loft conversion can provide. If you live in an area where there is high demand for housing, then creating additional living space could make your home more attractive to potential buyers and help to increase its value.

Adding an extra room to your property can add value in a number of ways.

Firstly, it can simply provide more space for potential buyers or renters, making your property more attractive. Secondly, if the extra room is used as a bedroom, this can increase the property’s rental value or selling price.

Finally, depending on the location of the extra room, it could be used to create a unique feature or selling point for your property. Ultimately, whether or not adding an extra room will add value to your property depends on a number of factors – but it’s definitely worth considering!


A consideration you may want to take into account is the cost of the conversion itself. Although converting your loft can be a significant investment, if it is done properly it can add a significant amount of value to your property alongside other benefits such as saving energy due to less heat loss.

As you can see, there are a number of potential benefits to adding an extra room to your property. If you’re thinking about making this change, be sure to weigh up all the pros and cons before making a decision. And, as always, consult with a professional if you’re unsure about anything!

Does a loft conversion save energy

Does a loft conversion make your property more energy efficient? 

A loft conversion can increase your property’s energy efficiency in a number of ways.

By increasing the insulation in your loft you can reduce heat loss and help keep your home warm. A loft conversion can help to prevent heat loss in your home as it provides an extra layer of insulation. By keeping the heat in, you will use less energy to heat your home as we all know, heat rises so keeping the heat inside your home will therefore save money on your energy bills.

In addition, a loft conversion can provide an opportunity to install solar panels or other renewable energy technologies, which would generate electricity and help save on energy costs in the long term.

You could also install energy-efficient lighting as part of your conversion, which would further reduce your energy bills.

Ultimately, the level of energy efficiency improvement you achieve from a loft conversion will depend on a number of factors, including the specific measures you take and the existing energy performance of your property. However, taking steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency is always a good idea and can save you money on your energy bills in the long term.

how much more energy efficient does a loft conversion make your property?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the type and quality of insulation used, the size and layout of the loft conversion, and the climate in which you live.

However, on average, a loft conversion could make your property around 25% more energy efficient. This could not only save you money on your energy bills but help to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are considering a loft conversion, it is worth speaking to a professional here at Ecoloft to get an accurate idea of how much more energy efficient it could make your property. They will be able to advise you on the best type of insulation and other measures to take in order to maximise the energy efficiency of your loft conversion.

Loft insulation

loft insulation is one of the most effective ways to insulate your home and keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

There are two main types of loft insulation:

roll and board. Roll is the most common type and is made from fiberglass or mineral wool. Proper installation is key to maximising the energy efficiency.

You need to make sure that there are no gaps between the insulation and the loft floor or walls which would otherwise allow the warm air to escape. Which is why we always recommend hiring a professional company like Ecoloft.

Board Insulation is slightly more expensive, but it’s also more effective at preventing heat loss. It’s made from rigid foam or fiberboard and can be glued or nailed into place.

If your home is more than 30 years old, it’s likely that you don’t have any loft insulation at all. Even if you do, it may not be thick enough to make a significant difference to your energy bills. Adding extra insulation is a great way to save money and keep your home comfortable all year round.

There are a few things to consider before you contact a professional to install loft insulation. First, you need to make sure that your loft is big enough. It needs to be at least 60 centimeters deep and have a minimum headroom of 1.2 meters. You also need to make sure that there’s good ventilation in the loft to prevent condensation – we can advise accordingly.

Loft insulation is an important part of making your home more energy-efficient, so it’s worth hiring a professional to do it right.

how does a loft conversion save energy?

A loft conversion can save energy in a number of ways. Firstly, by increasing the insulation in your home, you can reduce heat loss through the roof. Secondly, by creating additional living space, you can reduce your overall heating and lighting requirements. Finally, by installing energy-efficient windows and doors, you can further reduce your energy consumption.

Additionally, a loft conversion can also help to reduce noise pollution from outside as it acts as a sound barrier.

As a result, converting your loft can not only save you money on your energy bills, but also help to reduce your carbon footprint. So if you’re looking for a way to make your home more energy-efficient, a loft conversion could be the perfect solution.