October 23, 2017


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Top 10 Loft Conversion Ideas

Embarking on a mission as big as converting your loft space can be an epic task. We face people on a regular basis who either need more space, want to improve their home, or just want a hobby room area just for themselves. A common problem we find is that our customers know why they need a loft conversion but don’t know which route to take to make sure their loft conversion ideas become reality.

That’s why we have outlined our top 10 loft conversion ideas for you to take a look at. Although some are extravagant, others can be created from as little as £750 from our basic loft conversion package. Other loft conversions can be completed with our deluxe loft conversion package which starts from £4500 although equipment will not be provided. so read on and be inspired.

#1. Office loft conversion

First up on our list is the office loft conversion. This is one of the most popular choices because it crosses the border from being just an extra loft storage area, to productive and worthwhile investment. If your office is used for business purposes you can also take a percentage from your monthly bills such as gas and electricity and count it towards your business’s expenses, yet again another reason to convert your loft area to for this home office idea.

Take a look at our indepth home office page to see how taking your work home with you really can be beneficial.

#2. Storage room

This may surprise you to be on the list but our basic loft conversion is also a very popular package. Because our hoarding really has mounted up other the years, customers are turning to their lofts to either clear out there junk “out of sight, out of mind” and some to simply add to the hoard. Either way our basic loft conversion package is popular because it is cheap and effective. We have found on numerous forums online when asked “how much does a loft conversion cost“, the usual reply is in excess of £10,000! the shock comes when we tell them it can be done from as little as £750. Take a look at this package here.

#3. Home cinema room

A home cinema sounds like any movie buffs fantasy. There’s something very different between watching a film in your living room and watching a film in your newly converted loft cinema room. Something almost ‘den like’ which must go back to our childhood. We have seen the loft cinema room done a number of ways from authentic vintage cinema seating, retro armchairs to ginormous beanbags for seating in comfort and style. I particularly would opt for the bean bags – simply because the harder it is for me to get up, the longer i’ll be there.

#4. Gym room

If health and fitness is your main concern and lets Design face it, why shouldn’t it be? Then a simple home gym studio could be a great choice. If you currently find that you pay for an expensive gym membership at the moment you could find that a loft conversion in your own could be a fairly cost-effective alternative. See our price guide to show you why you could be just as financially secure with a loft conversion as opposed to without.

#5. Games room

Is your inner child getting excited about the thought of your very own games room, arcade even? We have games room loft conversions from many people which include complex Scalextric tracks throughout their loft on multiple tiers. A games room can include anything from your childhood arcade games such as Pac-man or full-size pool tables.

#6. Children’s play area

A self contained area for the kids to play in could be just what you need. This usual process which occurs when your new arrival is due would be to either move house to accommodate or extend your existing home. Home extensions are expensive – Very expensive. Especially when compared to using the space you have most likely been ignoring for years.

#7. Prayer room or Chapel

We have been tasked to complete prayer room loft conversions for a number of customers. These rooms are very basic and can sometimes be completed with our basic loft conversion packages starting from just £750.

#8. Reading area

Create your own area of solitude. We can create bespoke storage solutions for bookcases and shelving to make your perfect relaxation area. Curl up on your sofa and become fully engaged in your favourite book in complete peace.

#9. Walk in wardrobe

Ever fancied your own walk-in wardrobe? ever wanted your own vanity area to get ready for a special event or night? Imagine showing your friends your very own wardrobe loft conversion. I’m sure you would have every woman’s envy with this loft conversion.

#10. Loft music studio

You could create your very own loft music studio. If you have your sights on becoming a star or just want to express yourself through your passion for music, having your own studio could make all the difference in your music career.

Whatever your loft conversion idea may be, from lighting and decoration to storage and workspaces, EcoLoft aims to build your dream loft conversion for a fraction of the price of other alternatives.

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