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November 23, 2021


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What is a Therma Loft Storage Conversion?

Loft storage can play an important part in today’s environmentally fragile world. Whether you devote time to recycling or find ways around the home such as with energy-saving light bulbs – reducing your carbon footprint is crucial.

One way you can be environmentally friendly is with a Therma Loft conversion – in this article, we explain exactly what it is and why it is beneficial to your home.

Fully Ventilated

With the number of items we accumulate over time, it is easy to see why storage space in the home is at a premium. But if you’re tired of stuffing items into the back of cupboards then creating a secure and energy-efficient storage space in the loft is the best solution.

While storing your possessions in the loft has many benefits if the loft isn’t properly ventilated then you run the risk of valuable items getting ruined by damp and mould.

Loft Storage

Offering total protection all year round our Therma Loft conversion gives your items and possessions the best protection from the elements possible. Our highly skilled team will insulate the rear of your roof titles with an insulation board that will create a warm loft space.

The Therma Loft conversion also features a kicker beam around the edge of the floor so that you can fully maximise the space by allowing you to push your possessions right up to the edge.

Foil Tape

If not properly protected items in your loft can become damaged by the heat of the sun – however with foil tape installed the space is kept at room temperature as all the joints have foil tape fitted. What you’re left with is a stylish, clean, and fully insulated loft that maximises every square inch of space.

Make your loft space energy efficient

Here at Ecoloft our team wants to ensure that your new loft storage conversion is built to last and will provide you with an environmentally and energy-efficient storage space.

If you would like to know more then why not book a 15-minute call or 30-minute virtual survey. Here we can go through the project with you in more detail, and you can ask our team any questions you like.

Why not call us on 0333 323 2284 or email info@eco-lofts.co.uk – we look forward to helping you create an energy-efficient storage space!