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October 23, 2017


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Your Guide To Maximise Space In Your Home

Are you thinking about creating more space in your home but not quite sure where to start? Read through our guide to help you make the right choice when maximising space in your home.

Option 1: Convert your loft space for storage

Okay so maybe we are a little biased towards this option but it’s only because we know it’s possibly THE most underutilised space in your home. By utilising space that would usually go ignored makes perfect sense to us. The majority of homeowners will still use their loft space to store out-of-use items but know full well that they will not be retrieving those items for a long time e.g Christmas accessories and nostalgic items.

Tired of balancing on your banister to store items in your loft?

Everybody does it, but let’s be honest – It’s just not safe! Stop balancing on your banister and stop using the very tip of your step ladders to store items in your loft. These 2 things are major risk factors and common causes of injuries. Your banister isn’t built to be climbed on and your ladder’s HANDRAILS aren’t built to take the load of a human being. We use proper Fakro loft ladders for access to your loft.

Option 2: Convert your Garage into a useable storage space.

Another option which is increasing in popularity would be to convert your garage. Most modern garages cannot actually store a car and usually end up just storing junk in an unusable mound of bikes, pushchairs, and lawnmowers. But by converting your garage into a useful storage space you could maximise its potential for very little expense.

Option 3:
Your third option would be to consider going down the extension route. Although this can be very expensive, It just really depends on your requirements. If you purely need storage space, you will need to ask yourself if spending tens of thousands of pounds is really necessary. Although there are other benefits to having an extension such as maximising the space in your home which could lead to increasing the value of your home.

Our verdict:

We still believe a loft conversion for storage is the best option to increase storage space in your home whilst maximising property value and resourcefulness. Most loft storage areas are completely unused as opposed to a garage which would either already be used for storage or your car. An extension would still require space from your garden. Some feel reducing your garden space is counterproductive. This leaves little reason not to convert your loft because converting your loft could be a very cost-effective conversion. Loft storage conversions can start from just £499! We haven’t even touched on the energy efficiency of a loft storage conversion!

Okay, so what options do we have?

Well, Ecolofts have a whole host of packages to suit the most challenging of requirements. We also have an online cost calculator which will provide an instant quote online. You will need to have a rough idea of the storage area of your loft before the calculator can provide an accurate quotation but once you have that you can choose which accessories and options you would like for your new loft storage space.
Ecolofts provide different packages for different budgets and requirements. For basic loft conversions which require more storage space, we could confidently suggest the standard loft storage package which starts from £750. This pack includes:

  • Fakro fold-down staircase worth £375
  • Hardwired single pendant bulb and switch
  • Cross braced flooring network for load-bearing floor and create a cavity for insulation below
  • Up to 15 sq. metres 18mm of tongue and groove  domestic grade flooring (not loft boards)
  • Eave vents if required

Another great package for loft storage is the lined loft conversion which starts at £1500. This includes:

  • Fakro deluxe fold-down staircase
  • Hardwired double pendant & switch
  • Cross braced flooring network
  • Up to 20 sq. metres 18mm flooring
  • Visqueen loft lining keeping dust from roof tiles to maintain a bright & clean room.
  • Also includes beam vacuuming
  • Eave Vents
  • 1 x double gang socket

Loft storage ideas within your loft

There are numerous ways to utilise your new loft storage space. We can create floating shelving, walk-in wardrobes, and built-in shelves within the eaves. For a full list of other loft storage ideas read our other blog post.

Frequently asked questions:

Will the loft area become damp?

Proper loft storage insulation can be used to ensure your loft space temperature is regulated. Keeping heat in and cold out so you can store items minimising damp. We use Thermobar 344© loft lining – An insulating foil to line and partition your storage area. This unique double-sided foil deflects moisture while the white lining on the facing side reflects the available light for maximum visibility.

What about dust and dirt in our loft?

We commonly use membrane lining in properties as a dust barrier, preventing rubble and debris from falling for the rear of old back pointed roof tiles. EcoMembrane® is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene. It is manufactured from 100% post-use waste, is white in color, and available in various thicknesses. It has been independently accredited by BRE Certification Ltd (Certificate Number 112/04).

How long will a loft conversion for storage take to complete?

Depending on the conversion you choose, some conversions can be completed within the day. Our deluxe loft conversions can take a minimum of 5 days to a couple of weeks depending on the work involved.

Do I need planning permission?

Any planning permission will be obtained by Ecolofts. Most loft storage areas will not require planning permission, however.

Can all loft spaces be converted?

Certain loft areas have characteristics that simply cannot be improved with a loft conversion such as head height.

Can our loft storage room be used as a bedroom?

No. Our loft storage rooms are not designed to be used as a bedroom and we strongly discourage anybody from doing so due to health and safety risks.

Can you convert a truss loft for storage?

Yes. We can convert Truss loft areas for storage but this requires extra work such as obtaining an inspection with a structural engineer. Trussed lofts are a fairly modern roof design that utilise a frame made up of triangles to support the roof. Steel beams are inserted to take the load once the truss frame support has been removed.

Contact us if you have any further questions or call 0845 017 6057